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Apr 22, 2010 08:43 AM

L'espalier- $100 gift card

My husband and I received a $100 gift card for L'espalier. I've been meaning to go for ages and have just never made it. We have been trying to rein in our spending, so I wouldn't mind spending another $50-$100 for an incredible meal. I was thinking of maybe doing lunch or something? I'm a huge fan cheese courses and would definitely want to do that. Anything else we *must* try? I'd love suggestion on how to get the most bang for my buck at a pricey spot.

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  1. Your $100 will definitely go further at lunch. The three-course prix fixe is $40, $60 with matched wines (two half-glasses). A seasonal degustation at lunch (six courses including cheese and dessert) is $60, (plus $30 for three half-glasses of wine, or plus $40 for five half-glasses). All prices are per person, pre-tax and -tip.

    Compare this with dinner: $82 for three courses (with significant supplements of $10-20 for luxury dishes like lobster and foie gras and no matched-wines option), $104 for the degustation (+$65 for four glasses of wine, usually a sparkler, a white, and two reds, +$85 for six), $90 for the vegetarian version. The extended "chef's tasting journey" (oof) is $185 (+$130 for matched wines).

    Note that most meals include several freebies in the form of an amuse-bouche or two, good breads/rolls, bon-bons, and a macaroon on your way out. The wine list is extensive, but there aren't many bargains on it. (Boston tap water is excellent.)

    I've gone just for cocktails and dessert, sitting in the Salon (their little lounge out front): as I recall, a dessert and a cocktail runs about $30-35++. Not sure what an a la carte cheese course would run, but I'll guess $25-30 per person.

    Hope that helps!

    1. They also have Wine Mondays, 7 p.m. on Mondays, for $60 a person -- it's more casual, with lots of people sitting at a long table.

      1. My husband and I had a $100 GC too! I got the seven- (or six?) course degustation, and my husband got the three-course prix-fixe with wine pairings. It came out to around $150, if I remember correctly. The degustation at the time included a cheese course which was huge, and even the two of us couldn't finish it.

        We were really happy with our degustation and prix-fixe because we both got to try each other's dishes and every course was amazing!

        Like MC said, you'll get a lot more for your money if you go for lunch.