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Apr 22, 2010 08:37 AM

Andreas on Thayer rant

I don't know why I went back. Have some fond memories from highschool (15 years ago). Tried it again last night. It took over 20 minutes before we were even asked if we wanted a drink. In the meantime the table next to us got their food, ate and had it boxed. The waiter was the same as ours and he didn't appear to have any other tables. Customers (at least me) will forgive almost anything if I have a drink in hand. At one point we were told bread was coming (it didn't) but he didn't stop to inquire as to drinks or appetizers (I was going to order one but by the time he came over it was so late I was too hungry). The food was beyond mediocre. Not even worth mentioning. I was charged for - but not given - an item I had ordered. My companions got side dishes that were not what they had wanted. At that point we just wanted out so we didn't even argue. How does this place stay so busy for so many years????????

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  1. I agree about the service but I do enjoy the souvlaki. Always do take-out instead though.

    1. I also had a bad experience there a few years ago. I had a service dog with me and they seated me in a closed section of the restaurant and never returned. We couldn't get service. We walked out with a word to the manager on the way. They were unapologetic. I've never returned and I won't recommend them. When I posted about my experience on chowhound the next day, several people also posted with service issues. It sounds like nothing has changed and I'm not missing anything.

      1. My one experience there was similarly awful.

        To answer Tabasc's question, I assume its 1) because they are on Thayer St. and Brown students don't know any better and 2) there is no other place for Greek food in the Providence area.