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Apr 22, 2010 08:09 AM

Taste of Wheaton, 2010

Has anyone been before? Is it worth it from a CH standpoint?

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  1. Umm ... it's always fun, but the one you reffed is inIllinois.

    I believe the local one is one day in May. There's always a nice surprise or two. It's smaller than it was 5-10 years ago, however, and rain has dampened a lot of recent ones. Too bad but Wheaton has so much. (And it's the Anti-Taste of Bethesda.)

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      Good grief! Sorry!! I removed the incorrect info I posted above. This seems to be info about Wheaton, MD:

      The festival is May 16, 11:00 - 5:00.

      I'm going to go if possible; I love the chow of Wheaton!

    2. The one in Wheaton (Maryland) is on May 16 this year. It's by far my favorite "Taste Of". If prices are the same as in the past ($1 for good-sized samples, free carnival rides) then you'll stuff yourself for under $20 and kids will have a blast. Only thing is that it does seem to have a "rain curse" hanging over it. Bring your umbrella just in case.

      1. I went yesterday. It was well-attended and the weather was nice, no rain. For $13
        I stuffed myself on various samples of things. The only thing I had that was outstanding was a great cheese pupusa made on a grill in front of me and served with a different kind of curtido than I'd had before -- I should have ordered two. The curtido tasted more pickled, and was absolutely delicious. I also liked the meats on a skewer, especially the chicken, but it wasn't nearly as good as what I had at the Thai New Year festival last month. Ruan Thai, Nava Thai and Irene's Pupusas weren't there, I'm sorry to say, but Starbucks and IHOP were, which struck me as odd. Anyway, it was a nice day out, but if I don't make it next year, I don't.