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Apr 22, 2010 08:05 AM

Hey Portland....What's the deal with Voodoo doughnuts????

We walked by on Sat. during a torrential rainstorm to find a line (including dogs and kids in strollers) around the block.

Couldn't even peak my head in to see why they were braving the elements to get in.

Not even a doughnut fan but couldn't help get caught up in the "line mentality"

What's the scoop???

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  1. What's the deal? Media over-exposure, over-hyped, and over-rated. Tourist trap. Not such great doughnuts.

    There are several places with much better doughnuts, cleaner too. Coco is one.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Thanks for the tip, Leonardo! Just lamenting the lack of good doughnuts here the other day. Will definitely check it out.

      1. re: Leonardo

        Actually, I wouldn't say it's over-rated. Is it worth waiting in line for more than ten minutes, and in the rain? I'd say no, especially, because all you're waiting for is a bunch of empty calories.

        Nevertheless, when there's no line, and I've been well-behaved, I do love me a nice grape ape, or an Orang-a-tang. True, the Blazer Blunt is not as delicious as it sounds or looks - too chewy. But the bacon maple bar - damn! No one can touch that, homes!

        Leonardo is effete. Walk the streets and you'll get the real story. Grab a coupla Voodoos and a cuppa joe and you'll be feeling real nice...

        ..that is, until the sugar high ends...

        1. re: MichaelG

          There is also another location on the east side if you need to get your Voodoo fix - great old pinball machines too...and plenty of FREE parking.

          They are gimmicky donuts with great marketing and exposure. Owner is a very good neighbor and nice person, though I agree there are better donuts in Portland.

        2. re: Leonardo

          Move along, citizens, nothing to see here. The doughnuts are certainly nothing special, besides their unusual toppings, and the time I went there, there was a drunk bum in front of me in line who, besides talking a lot and wasting my and the doughnut monger's time, knocked over his coffee on the counter, causing me to wait even longer to be served the mediocre, slightly over-priced product. The place looks purdee dirty too. Give me a Cambodian-refugee-made LA doughnut any time over Voodoo's.

          Sorry Leonardo, on this is one we agree.

        3. Nothing really special about the donuts here...except the apple fritters. Best I've ever had!

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          1. re: banjoman

            Try the ones at Joe's in Sandy on your way to the ever fritters.

            1. re: JillO

              grew up on Joe's fritters! spectacular.

              1. re: nkeane

                Never even liked fritters until I had one at Joe's, actually...

              2. re: JillO

                I agree 100% Just took the kiddos to VooDoo donuts in Portland yesterday, stood in line for over an hour. We purchased a dozen donuts on the daily flyer and had 3 donuts the kids picked out. It was $32.00 Wouldnt be so bad if the donuts were worth it.. NOT!! Too sweet and left a greasy film in the mouth. Had to drive thru Sandy on the way home and so regretted not getting Joe's fritters instead. The best I have every had were at Joe's

                1. re: BigBetty

                  Sorry to hear you wasted your time & money. Now there's Blue Star, which is incredibly good. 4 locations, the main being the original 13th & SW Washington, plus a shop in Tokyo. Routinely make national best-of lists.

            2. What always surprises us (wife and I) as we've visited Portland the last few years running is all the people walking around the downtown and Pearl area, with those pink boxes - big boxes - day and night ! We're like - okay, first of all how many doughnuts are you going to eat, and, is this your dinner, or ? We're beginning to think they're paying people to walk around with those boxes ! (Not really, but...)

              I've had a Voodoo donut or three and it was good, but not THAT good ! I recommend Blue Star, which is also a local cult fave, but IMO not as hyped but very delicious.

              1. The best doughnuts in Portland are made at Pip's Original Doughnuts:

                4759 NE Fremont St Suite C
                Portland, OR
                (503) 206-8692
                Open 7 days 8:00am - 4:00pm


                -- sw