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Apr 22, 2010 08:05 AM

Hey Portland....What's the deal with Voodoo doughnuts????

We walked by on Sat. during a torrential rainstorm to find a line (including dogs and kids in strollers) around the block.

Couldn't even peak my head in to see why they were braving the elements to get in.

Not even a doughnut fan but couldn't help get caught up in the "line mentality"

What's the scoop???

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  1. What's the deal? Media over-exposure, over-hyped, and over-rated. Tourist trap. Not such great doughnuts.

    There are several places with much better doughnuts, cleaner too. Coco is one.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Thanks for the tip, Leonardo! Just lamenting the lack of good doughnuts here the other day. Will definitely check it out.

      1. re: Leonardo

        Actually, I wouldn't say it's over-rated. Is it worth waiting in line for more than ten minutes, and in the rain? I'd say no, especially, because all you're waiting for is a bunch of empty calories.

        Nevertheless, when there's no line, and I've been well-behaved, I do love me a nice grape ape, or an Orang-a-tang. True, the Blazer Blunt is not as delicious as it sounds or looks - too chewy. But the bacon maple bar - damn! No one can touch that, homes!

        Leonardo is effete. Walk the streets and you'll get the real story. Grab a coupla Voodoos and a cuppa joe and you'll be feeling real nice...

        ..that is, until the sugar high ends...

        1. re: MichaelG

          There is also another location on the east side if you need to get your Voodoo fix - great old pinball machines too...and plenty of FREE parking.

          They are gimmicky donuts with great marketing and exposure. Owner is a very good neighbor and nice person, though I agree there are better donuts in Portland.

        2. re: Leonardo

          Move along, citizens, nothing to see here. The doughnuts are certainly nothing special, besides their unusual toppings, and the time I went there, there was a drunk bum in front of me in line who, besides talking a lot and wasting my and the doughnut monger's time, knocked over his coffee on the counter, causing me to wait even longer to be served the mediocre, slightly over-priced product. The place looks purdee dirty too. Give me a Cambodian-refugee-made LA doughnut any time over Voodoo's.

          Sorry Leonardo, on this is one we agree.

        3. Nothing really special about the donuts here...except the apple fritters. Best I've ever had!

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          1. re: banjoman

            Try the ones at Joe's in Sandy on your way to the mountain...best ever fritters.

            1. re: JillO

              grew up on Joe's fritters! spectacular.

              1. re: nkeane

                Never even liked fritters until I had one at Joe's, actually...

              2. re: JillO

                I agree 100% Just took the kiddos to VooDoo donuts in Portland yesterday, stood in line for over an hour. We purchased a dozen donuts on the daily flyer and had 3 donuts the kids picked out. It was $32.00 Wouldnt be so bad if the donuts were worth it.. NOT!! Too sweet and left a greasy film in the mouth. Had to drive thru Sandy on the way home and so regretted not getting Joe's fritters instead. The best I have every had were at Joe's

                1. re: BigBetty

                  Sorry to hear you wasted your time & money. Now there's Blue Star, which is incredibly good. 4 locations, the main being the original 13th & SW Washington, plus a shop in Tokyo. Routinely make national best-of lists.