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Apr 22, 2010 07:53 AM

Madrid - specific restaurant questions

I have a few questions regarding the meals we are planning in Madrid:

Mercado de la Reina - Is this only open for dinner and is the website correct that's it open on Sunday nights?

If we're going to be in Toledo on Sunday, should we just go to Botin's sister restaurant there, or go to Botin in Madrid on Sunday night? Any difference?

InSitu - has anyone been? Saw the rec here and looked up the website and it looks interesting. From a food standpoint alone (not price) is the menu better at night? Do they only serve menu del dia at lunch?

Arce seems more reasonble than Dassa Bassa and Viridiana. I know the ambience is totally different, but from a food standpoint is it really good, or should we spend more to go to one of the other two. Also, please confirm no jacket is required.

Thanks in advance. We're coming at the end of May.

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  1. InSitu are on Face book and speak English, so you could ask them about the lunchtime situation - I would recommend going at night for a la carte, because even if they have it at lunch time, everyone else if having the menu del dia, and the kitchen is small and will be geared to that. I live in Madrid, and go and take people there all the time - I love it!

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      I ve been doing some reseach and they do not seem to close on Sundays.


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        We ended up making reservations at Mercado de la Reina for Friday night, Arce for Saturday night and Botin for Sunday night. Our plan is to go to In Situ on Monday night, but I'm wondering if we should save that night for strictly a tapas night. Or whether we should skip Botin and go to Mercado de la Reina on Sunday night and do all tapas on Friday night instead. Botin has a sister restaurant in Toledo, where we will be for the day on Sunday. We could go there for lunch instead. Has anyone heard anything about it? Can we do tapas during the day on Saturday?

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          Perhaps you can just go to Botin for lunch? We are going to Madrid in May, and most of our reservations (except dinner the last night) were for lunch (including Botin). You can book it on Our plan is to have our heavy meal at lunch and just eat tapas in the evening.

          We were also thinking about going to Toledo but skipping it instead since we wanted more time to just relax in the city. But I have heard that both Toledo and Segovia have good cochinillo (suckling pig).

    2. Sorry, but never heard about a "Botin's sister restaurant" in anywhere.
      In Toledo I'd choose either "La Abadía" at Calle Núñez de Arce for a tapas meal or "Alfileritos" at Calle Alfileritos 24 for a nice casual meal.
      Arce is rather a "traditional elegance" restaurant. Dassa Bassa vs Viridiana: I'd choose the unpredictible "roller-coaster" gastronomic experience of a meal provided by Abraham Garcia in Viridiana. Not jacket required, just smart casual dress and decent shoes.
      Never been in InSitu

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        Thanks for the Toledo recs. Viridiana seems quite a bit more expensive than Arce. Do they have a prix fixe? At Arce, I was intrigued by the owner coming out and developing a menu with us.