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Apr 22, 2010 07:50 AM

Looking for good Indian restaurant in London area

Are there any good Indian restaurants within a one hour radius of London?

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  1. I like Massey's on King Street, esp. their Dal Makhani & Tandoori Mahi Tikka. I'm not a fan of their style of Chicken Korma. I have only ordered off the menu, but they also serve a lunch buffet. I find there are usually more layers to the spicing at Massey's than at most Indian restaurants in London.

    Have heard good things about Raja on Clarence Street:
    which opened a location in London last year. The original location is located in Stratford.

    Curry Garden and Jewel of India are 2 Indian restaurants also located downtown on Richmond Street, and both have been around for a long time. I haven't been to either for a while, and really should revisit. I have enjoyed food from both restaurants in the past.

    My last experience at Curry's on Wellington was not great.

    Raja has the nicest atmosphere of the restaurants I've mentioned, followed by Massey.

    Jewel of India and Curry Garden are a little dated inside, as is their cutlery, dishes, etc. That being said, Jewel of India and Curry Garden are less expensive restaurants than Raja or Massey's.

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      Thank you for the helpful suggestions.

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          What dishes do you like the most at Raja?

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            I tried Raja last night. Certainly has the nicest atmosphere of the Indian restaurants in London, and the friendliest service.

            We ordered the mixed (appetizer) platter, which included 1 large cuminy potato samosa, 2 pakora, 2 onion bhaji, 2 pieces of lamb sheek kabab and 2 pieces of chicken tikka. The samosa was a tasty version, and I liked the moist chicken tikka. The sheek kabab had a strong flavour I associate with NZ lamb, and the bhajis and pakora were quite ordinary. If I was to return to Raja, I'd probably just order the samosa, unless someone in my party really wanted to share the platter.

            My friend ordered the mulligawtany, which was a thick, somewhat pureed version. I didn't try it.

            The mains we ordered included the bharta (eggplant), the king prawn jhalfrezi and the mushroom pilao. The eggplant was a very mild, creamy version, with a pale yellow sauce that I usually associate with korma, nothing like the dry curry onion/oil/tomato/pepper version that is common at Massey's and Jewel of India.
            The 4 prawns in the jhalfrezi were very large and nicely cooked, although a little on the oily side. This dish was described as very spicy, but I would have considered this dish mild on the verge of medium. Quite possible that the restaurant is playing down the spice scale for the typical Londoner. The mushroom pilao was a nice change from straight basmati, with nice flavours.

            Overall I found the food at Raja to be decent, and quite similar to the food I've ordered at Jewel of India or Curry Garden. The prices at Raja are similar to the prices at Massey, and considerably more expensive than Jewel of India or Curry Garden. But then again, it's a brigher, nicer looking restaurant, with tablecloths, cloth napkins and nice contemporary dishware.

            The prices on the take-out menu at Raja are generally $2 less per dish than the prices on their dine-in menu.

            The food was oilier than Massey's on the whole, and the dishes I ordered lacked some of the layering of spices I have liked at Massey's. I will return to Raja to try a few more dishes over the next few months.

            If you're looking for an Indian Restaurant with decent food, friendly service, and a nice atmosphere, Raja is the place.

            Curry Garden Restaurant
            374 Richmond St, London, ON N6A3C7, CA

            Jewel of India Restaurant
            390 Richmond St, London, ON N6A3C7, CA

      1. My husband and I have gone to Massey's on many occasions and tried Raja - definitely spicier on the whole. Agree that the interior is nicer than Massey's but hardly what you would expect for "fine dining" although the food is good and the service nice.

        Massey's is less expensive and has superier naan, Raja is slightly more and better rice.

        Both are good - than god there are decent Indian places outside Toronto!