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Apr 22, 2010 07:14 AM

Restaurant Suggestions Near Place De La Republique

Last year, around this time, I went to Paris and scoured these boards for weeks and learned a ton from Souphie et al. In fact, I made a little book, and my husband and I spent the week going from one restaurant to another loving each one. Thanks to you all, we went to and loved: Chez L'ami Jean, Chez Janou, l'epi dupin, le comptoir and l'ardoise. and a few others I can't remember. when we strayed from my list and took other people's suggestions, I was BITTERLY disappointed.
So, now my sister is in Paris on business (I still can't believe she made it there through the ash) and I need more help.

She is staying near the Place De La Republique and would like some suggestions of places nearby. I have given her all my recommendations, but sadly, I have no idea what to recommend to her near her hotel. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. You all amaze me with your passion and knowledge (and generosity or time)

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  1. This thread with almost the same title should give you a good start:

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    1. re: Dodo

      Good referral Dodo; of all the ones mentioned, I'd only go back to Soup's - Astier.

      1. re: John Talbott

        If you notice, John, our esteemed Souphie was not recommending Astier, just correcting my post debasing the restaurant, l had had the spelling wrong. ASTIER was still one of my five worst meals in 25 years coming to Paris. l was there in 2008

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          Woohoo! I am so glad to read of your less than stellar experience. We have tried Astier several times over some dozen years and each time smack our heads on leaving, asking, "Why did we even consider returning?!

          Once I was refused ordering a dish because the waiter couldn't imagine an American woman eating pied du cochon. (I demanded it and left only a pile of bones on my plate.) Subsequent visits didn't provide similar drama but neither did they come up with plates that one couldn't find at any very ordinary French hash house. Yes, the wine list is interesting, but "man doesn't live by wine alone".

          1. re: mangeur

            Nolo contendere, haven't been in sometime largely because Colette hated it too. But looking at the alternatives, I thought it was the only one endorseable.

            So starting all over, how about Claude Colliot (a bit of a schlep) and the Repaire de Cartouche (which posters have hated d/t the waitress's attitude)?

    2. Not a restaurant per se, but Jacques Génin, rue de Turenne is very close to place de la République, and is my favourite chocolatier/pâtissier in town.

      1. Cartet at 62 R. de Malte was very special when the Noailles ran the place. It is now a one man show, dinner only, cash only, reservations required. It still had a fantastic list of Burgundy's when we were there last. The food was very classic and somewhat heavy.

        1. L'Ami Louis is by République -- see the long debates about it. I liked Ari Mme Shawn by the Canal. I was not too impressed by Du pain et des Idées. Génin definitely rocks. The classics of the Marais are not far -- - Colliot, Breizh café, Janou, Robert et Louise (which I don't think I would recommend, but it is noteworthy), l'As etc.

          Of course for all those who have too much money l'Ambroisie is also not that far. And the whole Bastille neighborhood.

          Neither is Belleville and its gigantic Chinese restaurants.

          And I suppose Le Chateaubriand should be mentioned as well. And le Villaret (mostly for the wine list and the cheese box, not tray).

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          1. re: souphie

            Claude Colliot yes, rest no. Details to follow.

            1. re: souphie

              what's good in the bastile? maybe for a lunch on a sunday?

              1. re: neivert

                Not in the Grands Garçons league above but since you mentioned Bastoche, here is a fun bistro with good creature comfort like hachis parmentier and pot au feu:
                Chez Paul, 13 Rue de Charonne. Tel 01 47 00 34 57.
                (Was sure I had written an identical reply but it must have gone to the increasingly crowded Chowhound parallel universe.)

                1. re: Parigi

                  This was a favorite of our some 15+ years ago. I loved the roast rabbit stuffed with chevre and mint. And the serving staff straight out of a classic novel.