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Apr 22, 2010 07:11 AM

Two Lamb Shanks + 3.5 qt. Crockpot: Looking for suggestions

There you have it--I have two lamb shanks and one 3.5 qt. round slow cooker. I'm looking for an idea (or even a complete recipe!) Must be a slow cooker recipe, as I don't use mine much but would like to try to get in the habit of using it more often. TIA.

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  1. Lamb shanks are great. I suggest browning them, then adding sauteed carrots,celery onions, and then braising with a cup or so of white wine and a little thyme until tender. Like the recipe for osso bucco. Cook till tender - should be very good in a slow cooker - cook down your sauce at the end if it is too liquid.

    You could probably adapt a moroccan tagine recipe - say, lamb with prunes - to your slow cooker as well.

    1. Brown your lamb shanks. Slow cook with caramelized onions and garlic, chilies, thyme, chopped tomatoes, stock, bay leaves, allspice, cumin and cloves.

      When the shanks are tender, toss in some sliced eggplant and any other vegetables you think would be good, zucchini, celery, okra and carrots are my particular favorites, and cook through. Serve with dilled rice.

      1. Will two lamb shanks fit in a 3.5 Crockpot? My first thought was to cut them up for stew. Shows how much I know about Crockpots. lol

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          Good point--I had to check! They do fit, but barely.

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            Nofunlatte, they will cook down, don't worry...season them, brown them and proceed with any of above instructions that others have offered...only thing I would add is that if you use a celery, onion, carrot mirepoix, cook that in a little oil on the stovetop BEFORE adding to crockpot, works much better, in my opinion.

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              Thanks! To you and everyone else for their wonderful suggestions and advice!

        2. brown the shanks, then caramelize 2 large onions, add chicken broth to 3/4 up the meat. 1 lb carrots (baby or chunks of regular). add1 to 2 cups cooked barley. fresh thyme and mushrooms. cook until lamb is fall off the bone. finish with a splash of cream.

          1. I love lamb shanks..... and all of these preparations will make a great meal. But to elevate the dish add a gremolata just before serving. Mince some garlic, parsley and combine with lemon zest. Freshens the dish and brightens the flavor.

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              "I love lamb shanks"

              Wasn't that a sitcom in the 50s? :)