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Apr 22, 2010 06:51 AM

sharing the wealth. Quaff cafe?

One Complimentary small drip coffee from trendy Cafe Quaff on Queen St. W & Euclid (668 Queen St W, Toronto). no purchase needed. i love freebies!

the place looks nice too, with a wide range of coffees. has anyone been?

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  1. I'm not a coffee drinker so can't comment on the deal.
    I've had their chai and found it weak. It's also made from a mix so boo on that.
    The teas are all bagged. Good quality bags but I prefer loose leaf.
    They have nice filo pastries with either spinach or meat. Both were light and tasty.
    Tried an alfajores and a chocolate treat but found it unmemorable.
    I do think the space is nice for a coffee/tea break.

    1. I can't believe this is the only posting on Chowhound for this cafe. Really think it deserves some praise.

      I've been searching for a cafe that pours a great espresso since landing in TO 2 weeks ago.

      I walked by Quaff Cafe while shopping on Queen this afternoon and it looked inviting. Reminded me of Caffe Luxxe in West Los Angeles.

      Popped in for an espresso. Really great beans and the barista definitely knew how to pour. I wish I asked what kind of beans they use. Whatever they are, they're excellent quality.

      Desserts and food looked amazing. I had the chocolate truffle cake which went perfectly with my hot beverage.

      Ambiance is a good mix of chic, clean, modern, and rustic and felt comfy.

      Barista was friendly and let everyone stay until well after closing.

      The people next to me had some sort of brownie with chewy something in it and a dulce de leche cheesecake that they raved about.

      I'll definitely be coming back here next time I'm in TO.