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Apr 22, 2010 06:11 AM


I went to Tamarind at 99 Hudson St, Tribeca
I was amazed at what a nice renovation Tamarind did of the old Socrates diner.
The place is beautiful. The prices are high for Indian food. But the quality of the food is far better than any Indian food I;ve ever had. The Tandoori chefs cook in their own little "booth kitchen". and the tandoori is so moist, usually its very dry.
The lobster in ooconut milk severd inside of a whole coconut is amazing. The samosa was OK, no better than other places. If you can get past the idea of paying double the price of E.6th St Indian restaurants or Curry in a Hurry, you will enjoy the creativity, the ambiance and the quality of really good Indian food

99 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013

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  1. Any other dishes that you or others tried that are not to be missed - anyone try the lobster masala?? We are eating there next weekend.

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      If either of you has any fondness for vegetarian, I highly recommend the vegetarian thali. It is a beautifully presented plate of small plates (I have a picture of it I will load in the next few days sometime): lentils (these may be quite spicy or not, it may depend on the night), palik paneer, yogurt, mango chutney, okra (good okra, not greasy), vegetable curry (not too curried, in a good way, vegetable biryani - I think that was it. It is usually served with poori (the puffed bread), but you can request a substitution of a different bread if you like (I usually get roti).

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        this may be too late but I just went last week and it was heavenly. do not miss the venison chops or the lamb chops. both were absolutely incredible.

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          Had the tandoori lamb chops on Friday - they were excellent. The shrimp dish (I forget the name) was delicious but a little visually unappealing as the sauce is brown. We also had saag paneer, and the trio made for a superb meal.

      2. Does anyone know how similar the food is here compared to the food at the Tamarind in Flatiron? Basically the same menu/flavors, or do they taste like you're eating at different restaurants? Thanks!

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          ... and, following on from mp's query, is the tribeca 'tamarind' run by the same people as the flatiron one?

          1. re: Phil Ogelos

            It is run by the same people. It's been too long between my eating in each of the restaurants though to comment on differences or similarities in the food, though I've enjoyed my meals at both of them. The Tribeca one has a very well priced prix fixe lunch.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Contrary to my oritginal post, I went back twice and the food was not too good. The chicken that was so moist was now dried out. Other dishes were mediocre. The dish served in the coconut was not like the first time i had it. I was very disappointed, and the person I went with said the Indian food in Little Neck is far better and half the price.

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                I went to the one in Flatiron this past week (hence my question above). My feelings came away mixed like a jumble a of chaat. Did I like the food? Yes. Am I anxious to repeat? Probably not. Some observations:

                - Tried the Ginger Old Fashioned, since the rest of the cocktail menu looked overly sweet (as it seems they all do these days). It was still too sweet. A friend observed it tasted like cough syrup. I've been known to sizzurp, so while I didn't love it, it was drinkable.

                - Took forever to even get our order taken. We were on our own little alcove, and the service was generally unattentive. Our wine was kept chilled a ways off so (being boozers) our glasses were almost always empty. I almost had to stage a non-violent protest to get a second bottle of wine.

                - I think the menu could have used some guidance in terms of how much food to order, etc. That wasn't forthcoming. We got a few appetizers that were all quite good. People seemd to really like the Goan shrimp.

                - Got the gobi appetizer that seems to always be "special." Tasty, but I think I like the same dish at Utsav in Midtown better. I'd take most random Queen's Gobi Manchurian over it anyday.

                - All the entrees were delicious. I ordered the Goat biryani, and was imprssed with how tender the goat meat was. They strongly suggested the raita with it, which always makes me think, why don't you just include it then? Anyway, it was all tasty.

                -We got the pistachio ice cream for dessert. Bad, bad, bad. Just say pistachi-NO. It was rock hard and freezer burnt.

                -Anyway, it was fun to eat Indian food in a fine dining setting, but once the novelty wore off I felt like the premium in cost might not be worth it. Improved service might have left me feeling like I was eating "fine dining" (whatever that means) as opposed to above average Indian food putting on airs.

                I'd like to try the Tribeca version though and see how the experience compares.

                1185 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036

        2. A few of us went to Tamarind Tribeca the other evening. Very pretty place. Big soaring room, tables are nicely spaced apart, chairs comfortable. Nicely designed. Service from our waiter was very good, he knew the various dishes backwards and forwards.

          However . . . . .

          Although I really wanted to like the place, the food did not live up to the room. The apps were a bit better than the main courses. We had a very good shrimp dish in a coconut based cream to start, it had good flavor. The special of fried cauliflower with a tomato based somewhat spicy sauce (now found at most any Indian spot) was too bready and dense. We have had much better in other Indian spots in NYC and in Queens. The other apps were not memorable.

          For a main I had fish in a tomato curry. The dish simply didn't come together, had little real favor, or heat, and the fried fish quickly became mushy in the sauce. A friend ordered the tandoori chilean sea bass. It was a huge chunk of fish. Huge. But, that too was likely its problem. It was jut too big to get the flavor of the tandoor all through it. Thus, after a few bites it became boring. A south indian vegetable dish was Ok but I found the taste of curry leaves (a staple in south indian cooking, I know), too strong. A lamb kebab dish was well done. And, of note, they had one of the best daals I've ever had. The Nans were not memorable. Rice was excellent. The tamarind margarita to start missed the boat all together.

          We were in the Tamarind on 22d about a year ago and had an excellent meal. We had hoped this would be similar. We cook Indian and eat a lot of Indian food and had hoped this new place was somewhere to return to. Perhaps for drinks. Or, perhaps we got them on an off night. As I said, service was very attentive, nice front door staff, welcoming and comfortable spot.

          1. I haven't been to Tamarind in years. My search came up with my original post. Wow I ate a lot when I first went. It's fun to agree with myself. The place is beautiful and still looks new. The high ceilings give you a good sense of airiness.
            The guy is still in his Tandoori booth. The chicken tikka masala was kind of dry, but the sauce was very good. I usually drink straight drinks , no mixers, but the mango martini was tasty, but a bit thick . You seem to get a lot more vodka when getting it on the rocks.
            They made me aloo piratha even though it isn't on the menu. They had dishes from north, south etc. on the menu but I stuck to the usual. The spinach basmati rice was good. The prices are very high. It cost me close to $85 just for me. The place was fairly busy, and with so many Tribeca restaurants closing up, Tamarind seems to continue to thrive.

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              LOve that place. Avtar is a great host.

            2. I went to tamarind on my Birthday. So freaking good. I don't think they have lost a step at all. Really surprising. most of my friends didn't want to do Indian on a Saturday night in the city. But I believe Tamarind changed those opinions rather quickly. Fantastic highly recommended.