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Apr 22, 2010 05:11 AM

Boston Bacon and Beer Festival - Tomorrow

I just remembered that the Boston Bacon and Beer Festival is in SoWa tomorrow. Checked their website and apparently the tix are sold out. Since this is the first one I would be very interested in hearing from any attendees. As we used to say, "Wait till next year".


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  1. They sold out super fast. When they released 100 more tix a few weeks ago, those sold out in like a half hour -- we were lucky to get a few. I'll report back on the festivities!

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    1. re: litchick

      It really was incredibly how fast they sold out- the first set apparently hadnt been advertised as well so they lasted a couple of weeks- the last set were gone in 2 minutes or something ridiculous. I spoke with Aaron about it the other day and he was shocked at how fast they went. Sounds like it will definitely be a yearly thing

      1. re: fmcoxe6188

        Right, there were a ton of tix for a long while - I thought it would sell out quickly so I jumped in the day they went on sale, but then they sat there for a long time.. All of a sudden there was a ton of buzz and they got snatched up super fast. A friend of mine is coming in from out of town and I had told him about it. He got back to me a couple of weeks later saying he watned to go - wouldn't you know, it was the day they sold out.

    2. Just to clarify: the event is on Saturday April 24.

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      1. re: mats77

        Your're obviously correct! Sorry for the date error. I guess today has a Friday feeling.

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          There is also a session on Friday evening.....

        2. It's actually saturday, not tomorrow. I bought one of the first 15 tickets on sale :)