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Apr 22, 2010 04:59 AM

Cinco De Mayo in Monmouth County?

My wife and I are looking for a good Mexican restaurant to enjoy some real authentic Mexican food celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Monmouth County (preferably around Red Bank/Middletown/Long Branch. Does anyone have any suggestions for good Mexican?

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  1. Acapulquenos in Long Branch is an absolute winner. We've easily been there 10 times and have enjoyed every meal. The food is carefully prepared and fully authentic.

    It's BYO and cash only. That said, you won't need a lot of cash. Around $45 per 2 ought to do it.

    Menu -

    Photos here -

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      Had dinner at Acapulquenos last night. Tab came to $10 including tax & tip...

    2. Chilango's in The Highlands, great selection of Tequila's, great guac and a fun clean atmosphere, can get really busy on the weekends, but that is part of the fun