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Apr 22, 2010 04:22 AM

K-cups for Keurig Coffeemaker?

We recently received a Keurig coffeemaker as a gift. We love it but I am not sold on the Green Mountain Blend it came with. It's a bit thin. I love a really dark roast. Questions -- can you buy k-cups in Toronto (or only online?). And for other Keurig users, what are the best blends available when it comes to the darker roasts?

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      1. There are several stores in Toronto which sell k-cups but I find the selection pretty bad. I've seen them sold at Home Outfitters,Timothy's and Caynes. I order mine online - usually from Tweed & Hickory. I'm not the best person to comment on darker roasts - I usually buy flavored coffees but what I would suggest if you order online is creating a sample pack. You pay a little extra but instead of buying a whole box of a flavor that you're not sure of you can select individual flavours and then find your favorite.

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          There is also a pretty good store in Pickering on Brock Road, 1020 Brock Road, it is called Markcol. It is inside the "solid Wood Bed and Table" you can purchase individual K-Cups without a min. You can buy 3 if you wanted. Pickering is a little closer then Burlington :) although i am sure the one there is fantastick as well. This franchise has one in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Peterborough, Cobourg and i think one other city. You dont have to order online either :) here is the web site if you want to take a look :)

        2. I don't know if you are willing to come out to Burlington but ECS Coffee carries almost all of the k-cups available (Gloria Jean's, Coffee People, Timothy's, Green Mountain, Newman's Own, etc.) If you come out in person you can make a pack that allows you pick and choose your own so that you can try out different flavours. They will also let you taste something in store if you want. Neil and his staff are very helpful. Failing a trip to Burlington, they have an online
          Every since discovering them I have become a very happy keurig junky! Happy Shopping.

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            Thanks for this tip, morty999! ECS was definitely worth the trip to Burlington for us from downtown Toronto. They had a great variety in K-cups, with the ability to buy individual cups in different varities (but only in quantities of 12 and 24), as well as boxes of 24 of the same kind. You could also taste a particular K-cup to see if you wanted to buy that variety. They also had lots of other products, including flavoured syrups (in small trial sizes for $2 ea as well as large bottles), pods for Tassimo fans, coffee/tea related gifts, and other kinds of coffee/hot drink individual packets. Their website is quite extensive and a great way to see the products offered. Friendly & helpful service and their prices were as good or better than other suppliers.

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              I must thank you as well, since my wife bought a keurig I drink coffee at home instead of driving to hortons to pick one up, we went to ECS today, man what a place I could not get over their level of customer service, and try before you buy is great. One thing nobody mentioned is that you can bring all your used K cups and tassimo discs back to them to be recycled and for every hopper they fill they get trees planted and for every so many online orders they also plant trees, great place

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                Yes Neil and his crew at ECS are great! If any of you are on facebook follow ECS on Facebook. Neil is always coming up with contests and giveaways and is full of good information. Happy Coffee shopping!

          2. Have seen them at the Bay (in the kitchen section of the flagship store on Queen) and am fairly sure you can buy them at Timothy's - if you look up the closest stores to you and give them a call, that might be your best bet.
            Thought I'd seen them at Green Beanery, but looks like they have pods, not K-cups. Might be worth a call to check.
            Some grocery stores also have the Van Houtte ones. I can visualize them on the shelves, but the exact stores are failing me.
            You might try searching the Keurig website for dark, bold options and writing down the names, then use these for reference at Timothy's, Metro, etc. if you do end up on the hunt.

            Green Beanery
            565 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA