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Morton's vs. Diamond Crystal Kosher salt?

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IYO which do you prefer and why? I've used both but never had them simultaneously to do a side-by-side comparison. I believe that the Diamond Crystal is slightly more expensive.

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  1. personally Morton's... i can't really tell you why.you'd think salt is salt, but alas no... i bought morton's, then was out, and happened to be at a market that did not carry morton's, so i picked up DC. it's not bad, but next time, i will make it a point to return to Morton's... hard-pressed to say, i would say that it's a combo of flake-size and flavor that i prefer in Morton's.

    1. I use Diamond Crystal. All the info I've seen says that DC has less sodium (measured by volume) than Morton's.

      1. DC is the standard for American cookbook recipes unless otherwise stated. DC is half as saline as table salt by volume (so, when converting, you'd use twice as much DC kosher as table salt by volume) , while Morton's is 2/3 as saline as table salt by volume (so you'd use 1.5 units of Morton's kosher for every unit of table salt by volume).

        1. Morton's has a 1% added "free-flow" ingredient, an anti-caking agent, calcium silicate.
          DC does not have an anti-caking agent and does not cake very readily, in my experience, although prolonged humidity might cause caking to occur. Not a big deal, really.

          I use DC because it's what I currently have in my cupboard.

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            I just keep my DC kosher salt in doubled plastic bags. Eliminates the humidity factor, and is much easier for portioning out for brines and other uses.

          2. I use Diamond Crystal because it salt is in finer flakes; Morton's are bigger chunks and don't readily dissolve.

            1. What Karl said. The volume difference in DC reduces the chances of oversalting. And I actually think it tastes better too.

              1. Diamond Crystal is 100% salt. Not true for Morton's. 'nuff said.

                1. I have used both Morton's and Diamond Crystal. I MUCH prefer DC. Morton's is ground up rock salt rather than flakes like DC. For me, it is unpleasantly crunchy and gritty when used as a finishing salt. It just doesn't melt into the food the way DC does. Unfortunately, for some reason I can't find DC in my area (which is why I tried Morton's to begin with). I've even resorted to mail ordering DC and paying much more than I would in a grocery store, but it's worth the hassle and extra money.

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                    Where do you get DC by mailorder?

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                      Although it's readily available in most larger supermarkets, I bought it from www.thespicehouse.com 3 lbs, $3. Order other salts and spices you might need while shopping there, the've got it all.

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                      Safeway normally has Morton's in the spice aisle, and DC in the ethnic aisle. Cost Plus World Market also has it.

                    3. I generally use the DC, always have. When you say more expensive, we're talking a few cents per pound over Morton's if you buy the 2lb box.

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                        Agreed, + or - .50. I do recall that the DC is flakier and that I did like that.

                      2. I like DC for the taste. I like the coarser Morton's to clean my cast iron pan.

                        1. DC was always the brand in my household when I was a kid in Brooklyn, but I've been using Morton because it's readily available here in PA and DC is not. I always thought the two were pretty much the same, but after reading these posts, I see they're not. Now I'm going to make an effort to find DC somewhere in the vicinity.