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Apr 21, 2010 06:05 PM

Santa Fe and Taos - BEST local high quality cooking

We are going to Santa Fe NM (3 nights) and Taos (1 night) for the first time for a special birthday and are looking for GREAT restaurants creatively using fresh, local ingredients. As we live in New York, we want high quality creative Sowthwest food NOT French, Italian, Japanese, etc. Any recommendations for dinners and/or lunches?


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  1. This is mainly for Taos: Our two favorites are Graham's Grill (now open for all 3 meals, 7 days a week) and Love Apple. They're both chef-owned, employ local or regional ingredients whenever possible. Love Apple is in a converted church and is only open for dinner -- 5 nights a week. (Check: schedule may change depending on seasons). Kind of an Alice's Restaurant vibe; feels very Taos, whereas Graham's has a much more mainstream feel. Graham's Grill has been good to great since it opened about 3 years ago, but chef Lesley Fay has really hit her stride this summer. Even my husband, who is not a foodie, raved about his dinner. A local oenephile has been brought in as a wine consultant, and the wine list recently won some kind of recognition from Wine Spectator. We have a home in Taos and so have tried most of the local places, and have eaten in quite a few in Santa Fe as well. Graham's Grill is the most consistently good and a great value. I go to Love Apple when I want to feel like a local who has been here longer than 4 years.

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        I guess that I needed to read the 2008 blog.. All set!

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          There are many, many posts here about Santa Fe; and they are far more recent than 2008. Just type in Santa Fe in the search this board box up top and you will find lots and lots.