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Apr 21, 2010 05:34 PM

Angelico's on the Boulevard- Glastonbury

Went to Angelico's on the Boulevard (the former Houlihan's) in Glastonbury tonight and sat at the bar. Wife and I had some Happy Hour apps @ $3/ each and a couple martinis. Drinks were great and food was even better- quality food and substantial portions. Lobster bisque was delicious and ridiculous with how much lobster they put in there. Wife had braised short ribs and with the perfect demi-glaze. I think this place is deserving of a shot and encourage all to stop by and give this place a try, Personally I can't think of a better deal going right now. Has anyone else been? What has been your experience?

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  1. Have not been since January, and maybe will try the bar this this time, different menu it seems. My previous visit:

    Gave angelico's a try for dinner over the weekend,and will NOT be back. Started with a complimentary dish of peapods served with a carrot puree, which was good, however out of six peapods, 2 were limp almost to the point of being mushy. A basket of bread was brought by, wheat and calamata olive rolls, and breadsticks. The rolls were hot and tasty. Soup of the day was a tomato bean , which also was tasty, but had a faint aftertaste of, maybe, petroleum? Wasn't sure. I chose the chicken fano as my entree, chicken breast and thigh with moz, broc rabe, and prosciutto served roulade style. The dish looked great, but was served barely warm, chicken was tough and dried out along the edges, gnocchi suffered the mush factor of the peapods, and that same petroleum-y aftertaste...Could it be sterno or something? Service was good, water glasses filled, and waiter by to check in. Given the ambition and pricing of the menu, the quality so far, and far superior max's and pazzo's closeby, I don't see this place making it for very long.

    1. I went to Angelico's for the second time on Saturday night. My wife had just read their ad in the Citizen about the new chef so we decided to see if anything had changed from our first, decent visit.
      Our first warning sign was that the parking lot was half full at 8PM. I know Glastonbury is an early to bed town but this was not good. We were immediately seated and thankfully given a large booth. We were a little confused because we got 2 different menus, I assume one was dinner and one was lunch, but by the time the waitress took our drink orders and came back with them, then returned to the bar because there were no olives in my martini (it was their special martini with blue cheese stuffed olives) we had enough time to read 4 menus each.
      My wife wanted escargot but it wasn't available so she settled on the lobster saute, which was ok at best. I had the calamari which was ok until dipping it in the sauce which made it terrible because the sauce was a horrible combination of garlic, spices and too much lemon that left an awful aftertaste.
      For entrees she had the bouillabaisse and I had the sirloin and frites. the bouillabaisse had a couple of pieces of fish, and the bread with saffron and 1 scallop, 1 clam, 1 mussel and 1 shrimp. It was comical to see just two shells and a shrimp tail in the the large scrap bowl they left us. My sirloin was good and the fries were okay but when I asked the waitress where were my sauteed veggies (after eating 1/3 of my meal she finally checked on us) she tried to jokingly accuse me of having already eaten them. Not funny.
      Anyway, all in all it was terrible and the place looked to be completely void of management. There was nobody there and servers were never around yet when they or the runner were seen, they were running around but with no food or dirty dishes and impossible to flag down short of yelling or waving. Strange.
      We're not picky eaters but we like good food and tend to visit many restaurants in Glastonbury, Hartford and West Hartford, but we will never visit this place again. From the looks of it nobody else will be either before long.

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        DW says that she thinks Angelico's in Glastonbury has closed. She said the sign is gone from the building and it did not look open yesterday afternoon. I know they are not opened every day but usually they are on Wedneday evenings. Their website says nothing and there is no answer when I called this morning. Anyone know if this is true? Jay

      2. Yes it is gone. The signs are down. That building has such bad luck keeping open. Isn't this is the third restaurant there? Jay

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          It's the parking. Even when the lot is filled, less than 50% of the restaurant is full. People are not willing to walk across Glastonbury Boulevard. The building needs to become something else, or requires a very well-known, creative and business-savvy restauranteur to turn it around.

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            All these guys ought to learn a big lesson
            Start small and keep it simple

        2. Not surprised considering how mediocre the other Angelico's location is. I know I never tried the Glastonbury outpost due to poor experiences in their East Hampton location. I am sure others felt the same as me.

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            YES, EVERYTHING you said!