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Apr 21, 2010 05:05 PM


Attending program on 4/28 which should end by 8:45. Totally unfamiliar with the area. Looking for inexpensive eating in the area that will still be open. First choice: Chinese.

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  1. So you'll be at Eldridge Street Synagogueā€ˇ at 12 Eldridge Street, between Canal and Division? That's actually pretty close to Chinatown. So, if you want Chinese, how about walking over to Chinatown? What kind of Chinese food were you thinking?

    Does anything on this list look interesting?

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      Wow! My wife and I often eat on 8th Avenue in Brooklyn but our friend who's joining us will be mortified if he sees ducks etc. hanging in the window. Any idea which of these are good but wouldn't "alarm" our friend?