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Apr 21, 2010 04:12 PM

super dry aged grass fed beef find in Berkeley

I just went by the butcher in Star Market. He just portioned a Marin Sun farms prime rib into rib steaks. It has been dry aged in his lockers for 6 months?! I picked up a 2.5-3 inch thick specimen that looks pretty enough to frame. It is priced at 27 per pound, so it isn't cheap, but geez, not the kind of thing you run across everyday, that is for sure. Just in case anyone is looking to splurge...

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  1. I love Star Grocery (been shopping their since the 70's) ...but I have a problem with the current independently ran meat market in the back.

    Besides their high prices, none of the clerks working the meat counter have any proper butchering skills.

    I believe just the owner is a legitimate butcher and his "helpers" are all clueless to customer service and any knowledge of meat,fish or fowl.

    If your gonna charge the big bucks you gotta come off as professional at all levels.

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      Hi Mission, thanks for the feedback. Can you elaborate a bit more? Have you seen badly butchered products sold there? Or is it that the helpers are useless for advise or answering questions? Just curious... Thnx

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        I'm not sure what you mean by "legitimate butcher". My grandfather was a meat packer and my father was (among other things) a butcher. Their definitions were quite specific: a "butcher" can butcher meat, from killing, dressing and cutting. They referred to most employees at meat markets as "meat cutters". There are almost no butchers in retail markets these days. Meat comes in cryovac bags and is cut into retail cuts. You cannot expect a person trained and hired to cut meat to have the skills of a butcher. I think you are talking about "skilled meat cutters".