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Apr 21, 2010 03:55 PM

Best place online to buy imported Italian Foods?

Hi I am looking to buy imported Italian fods...risotto, truffles, balsamic oils etc etc..all the good stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Google Salumeria Italiana Boston - and sign up for their monthly newsletter. I used to live in the neighborhood and still miss shopping there regularly. The owners make frequent buying trips to Italy and are very picky about the quality of their imports.

    My computer is acting up or I'd send you a link.

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      1. re: Lemoncaper

        Let me know if anything works out.

      2. re: pasuga

        Ditto—used to live in the N. End, miss it enormously, esp. Salumeria Italiana. Sigh.

      3. Here's an earlier thread on this topic with lots of good links:

          1. Have you tried Zingermans? They have a very nice assortment.

            1. Although their variety is somewhat limited, I love the quality of the products from Cento foods:


              Perhaps the folks at Cento can direct you to a good Italian store that's near you...

              Rao's sells an extremely expensive line of products on-line.