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Apr 21, 2010 03:31 PM

Packaged foods made in Bronx or Queens??

Hey fellow Chowhounders!
I am working on a small exhibition where I need to round up some foods that are produced in outer boroughs that are nicely packaged. I have a bunch from Brooklyn — Wheelhouse, Mast Bros, Pure + Raw, Luminous Kitchens, the two gin distilleries, etc — but am having much more trouble when it comes to Queens and the Bronx (not to mention Staten Island). Have any of you spotted anything made (either by hand or machine) in any of the other boroughs that I should check out? Or are there any great specialty shops in either borough that might stock items like this? I went all the way to Brighton Beach a few weeks ago to hit up Golden Key. That's how dedicated I am.
All helpful tips appreciated!!

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      there are quite a few pasta and ravioli factories in queens. and there are a number of dumpling/spring roll factories that sell their stuff fresh and frozen in flushing. there are salami places in queens too (i think alps -or is it alpes?) and baked goods galore. i'd suggest hitting the streets of astoria and flushing, for starters.

      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        Ironic timing..... they (Sabra) just announced that they are ditching Queens and moving out of state. How 'bout Stella D'oro for the Bronx. Ooops. Nope. Man, this sucks.

        1. re: Jeffsayyes

          Just read a story that Sabra is moving to Tennessee or some other equally terrible place...

          1. re: Jeffsayyes

            I always pass the Krinos building on Northern Boulevard but I don't know if their plant is actually in Queens.

          2. Hi mnk,

            Not sure if this fits in with your project but, if it does, check out El Dorado Coffee in Maspeth.


            The coffee is roasted onsite right there in that industrial no man's land between Ridgewood and Sunnyside. In fact, you can often smell it if you drive drive through the 49th Street intersection on Laurel Hill Boulevard/56th Road.

            As far as it being nicely packaged, well, it's a brick. It's not beans, nor is it organic. It's pre-ground, mass-produced stuff but I happen to like the espresso and, most importantly (for me), it's cheap! I've found it in Associated, Key Food, and Food Dimensions in Ridgewood.

            Hope this helps you out,


            Glendale is hungry...

            Food Dimensions
            1580 Gates Ave, Queens, NY 11237

            1. Karl Ehmer meats still manufactures in Ridgewood, Queens, I think and they have some interesting looking sausages, all labeled with their retro logo.

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              1. re: StrawbrryF

                Hi StrawbrryF,

                You're so right! The web site has pictures!

                Thanks for mentioning them. They do have stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.

                e.g., Teewurst, Gelbwurst, Pinkelwurst—all of which are crrrraaaazy!


                Glendale is hungry...

              2. S&S Cheesecake in the Bronx.
                Also there are a number of specialty stores in the Arthur Ave are that makes their own mozzerella, sausages, etc.

                S&S Cheesecake
                222 W 238th St, Bronx, NY 10463