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Apr 21, 2010 03:23 PM

Near Villanova

Hello foodies! Going to my nephew's graduation at Villanova; heading into the area a day early and looking for recommendations for a great meal with good atmosphere (as it will be a mini family reunion). Quality key, price not a factor as long as food is worth it. Any suggestions? Thanks (Posted this in Philadelphia board also, but just realized Villanova is outside of Philly).

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  1. For a great meal, I would head to Sola in Bryn Mawr, but it's a small BYO. For atmosphere (beautiful landscaping and swans swimming in a pond) Floret is great, but it's new, so I don't really know about the food, Other options to consider: Azie in Villanova, Savona in Gulph Mills, and 333 Belrose, Susanna Foo, and Fleming's in Radnor.

    1. I would definitely consider Azie on Main. It's VERY close to Villanova and I've had several really good meals there. My other suggestion would be Tango in Bryn Mawr....only about 5 minutes away...I do also agree with vicarious's suggestions of 333 Belrose and Susanna Foo. Haven't been to the others. Also owned by Azie on Main (and essentially next to it) is Mixx. I haven't been there but my friends often meet there for lunch and they keep going back. I know Savona is supposed to be wonderful but we went to a fancy event catered by them and the food was so awful I haven't been willing to try the restaurant.

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        1. Verdad in Bryn Mawr is terrific. It would be perfect for a family get together as the food is served Tapas style and is perfect for sharing. We just discovered it, and already it's our new favorite.

          1. Do not go to Floret. New chef there only 4 days, Meal a disaster. Maybe they will get it sorted out but for now, stay away!