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Apr 21, 2010 01:43 PM

Milwaukee Brewery Tour (and Beer Bars...)

Hey folks. Looking for advice on beer bars and recommendations on brewery tours in Milwaukee. I will be spending a Friday in late April in Milwaukee as part of a bachelor weekend in Chicago (we're flying in through Milwaukee). I think we'd be remiss if we didn't pay homage to the beer gods in town.

If you had time for one brewery tour, and two beer bars (or vice versa), what would be your recommendation?

Thanks for the help!


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  1. Roman's Pub (3475 S Kinnickinnic Ave) is one of my favorite beer bars in the state. Quality of the beer selection is always top notch. Definitely worth checking out. Especially if its a nice day and you can sit on the patio. The owner is a bit of a curmudgeon but who cares really. And then maybe you could work your way down to Palm Tavern (2989 S Kinnickinnic Ave) which has a smaller darker more bohemian feel with always some interesting Belgian selections on tap. You could also check out Sugar Maple (441 E. Lincoln Ave) for a dizzying selection of brews.

    1. For brewery tours, look to the following two places:

      Sprecher Brewing -


      Lakefront Brewing -

      Both places are very cool...

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        I agree with this, but Sprecher is a hit or miss tour. IMO - Sprecher has the better beer, but Lakefront is far and away the better tour. The last time I went on the Sprecher tour the tour guide was beyond bad. He had to read everything off a note card, including his favorite beer. It was REALLY awful. Lakefront is a much more informative and fun tour - plus you get to drink beer on the tour. If you can only do one, do Lakefront. If two, then add Sprecher. Miller isn't worth the time.