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Apr 21, 2010 01:39 PM

Milwaukee for a Day in April

Hey folks. Looking for a couple of Milwaukee restaurant recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a Friday in late April, 2010. This is a three-guy bachelor weekend in Chicago; however, we're flying into Milwaukee and intend to do some brewery touring before heading back to Chicago.

Looking for good midwestern fare. I'm from Cleveland originally, so I'd love some some good Old World ethnic food suggestions. We are flying in early on Friday morning, so we'll be in need of breakfast. Lunch should support beer consumption. I've heard about the Friday night fish fry at Lakefront, and that might be a winner. But, other suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks all,

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  1. You should absolutely go to McBob's (N. 49th/W. North Ave for breakfast. The corned beef hash is homemade and awesome! Plus, it's more bar than restaurant so it will also support beer/bloody mary consumption!

    1. For lunch you could try The Hinterland Gastropub small plate menu. The Hinterland is in the Third Ward which has a variety of brewpubs, bars and restaurants.

      The Hinterland
      Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI