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Apr 21, 2010 01:34 PM

Bachlorette Party Weekend of May 8-Swanky AND Affordable?

Hey All,

Group of 7 girls coming to AC for bachelorette party from Richmond, VA on Saturday May 8. We are spending a lot of money on the hotel (Harrah's) and looks like in order to get table service we are going to have to spend about a thousand bucks as well. So...we are looking for a fun place to go to dinner but don't need a swanky steakhouse. The bride is somewhat of a picky eater so no ethnic food please. Looking for good cocktail menu, fun atmosphere, and an upscale feel without the price (I know this is a tall, somewhat unrealistic, order). Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Continental at the Pier at Caesars. Ask for a table inside as the outside dining is in the mall area. Great vibe, good cocktails and a wide selection of menu choices (big and small plates) that won't break the bank.

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      Thanks Foody! I just made reservations, it looks like it's perfect for our needs! Thanks again!

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        happy to help. also, note there's a free express shuttle from Harrahs to your dinner at Caesars. That way you can avoid taxis and travel together.

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            Now that you have a you need any entertainment? I'd be happy to show in my police outfit.

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              LOL, speaking on entertainment... well we definitely booked our dinner reservation but ran into several issues with table service, it's actually only 6 girls so we can't meet the 3 bottle $750 minimums at most of the clubs
              :( And suggestions on a better way to book a bottle service? I tried posting under the spirits section but no one answered me! Thanks in advance!

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                Rachel - I would avoid the clubs altogether and try a fun bar/restaurant like Red Square or Cubra Libre at the Quarter in the Tropicana. Or you can just stay at the Pier and walk over from Continental to Buddakan.

                1 Atlantic Ocean Unit 3108, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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                  Thank you so much bgut. I am looking them up now :)

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                    Cuba Libre can be a lot of fun on the right night...or at least it used to be. Haven't been in a few years :)

      2. Thank you all for your recommendations and help with our dinner in Atlantic City! We ate dinner at The Continental at Caesar's and it was perfect! THANK YOU for the suggestion to eat in the "bubble room". It's called the Sammy Davis Room and we loved the atmosphere. The menu was great! Super affordable and great cocktails...exactly what we wanted! I had the tuna with mushroom risotto and it was delicious, cooked perfectly and filling but not too much. I think it was $17 too which was great. A few of the girls split tapas including the crabcakes (creamy and delicious), sliders (I didn't try but got great reviews), and buffalo meatballs. Everyone loved it and our server Jackie was awesome. Thank you again!

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          Sounds like a great time! Glad it worked out.