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Apr 21, 2010 12:58 PM

Kosher Beef

I bought a kosher rib eye steak by mistake today. Is it going to taste different than a non kosher one? Do I have to cook it any differently?

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  1. Do what you normaly do, you'll be just fine.

    1. If you normally salt your steaks before cooking, DON'T salt the kosher Rib Eye. Part of the kashering process is to salt and soak the meat to remove excess blood. It is possible that the steak will have a level of saltiness that is higher than a non-kosher steak. Therefore avoid rubs or marinades with salt in them.

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        I do keep kosher and the koshering process does add a slight amount of salt but not enough to eliminate the need to not season your steak - if you normally salt your steaks I would cut the amount you use if you do not I think you will be presently surprised -just cook the way you normally do.

        my college roomate's father from Colorado and we made steaks to this day he still declares that steak to be one of the best he has ever had -