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Jun 14, 2005 11:40 AM

Vegetarian in Valley?

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Any suggestions?

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  1. Vegetable Delight, on Chatsworth blvd. in Chatsworth, for chinese vegetarian.

    1. Many Suggestions:

      1) Vin Loi Tofu (Fully Vegetraian Vietnamese Restauarant) in Reseda
      2) Woodlands - South Indian Vegetarian in Chatsworth
      3) Leonors Mexican - Vegetarian Mexican in Studio City and North Hollywood
      4) Vegan Experess - (Thai and American) in Studio City

      This is just a short list. Check out for a full list!

      1. My vegetarian friend loves Hugo's in W Hollywood -- there's also one in Valley Village.

        1. Garden Wok on Reseda Blvd. just north of Oxnard St.
          Vegetarian Chinese, with sweet and sour pork that tastes just like I remember it from my childhood.
          Their vegetable dumplings are really good, too.

          1. Careful of Lenore's, the wrd is they aren't true vegan, and maybe not true vegetarian.

            Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park on Sherman Way is a good place.

            Cafe Graikos in Northridge

            Karma in Northridge

            Darband in tarzana

            Garden Wok


            Woodlands in Chatsworth

            Vin Loi in Reseda

            I think that's a good list. A lot of these places have meat, but have veggie mnu's or full on vegie dishes.

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              I second Hugo's. While i always find Follow your Heart to be tasty, I never find it to be filling (very unlike vegan Native Foods in westwood)

              1. re: DIana

                This would duplicate my list almost exactly.

                Cafe Graikos is Greek with many vegetarian items clearly marked on the menu. A simple, humble sit down but no tablecloths kind of place. At the 118 and Tampa next to Whole Foods.

                Karma is an Indian vegetarian deli. It has about 8 tables in the back of a grocery store, divided from the store by a glass wall. Order at the counter and your $4.50 buys you a naan bread, 2 veg entrees, rice pullao, raita, hot pickle and onion. Another buck adds a samosa and a pakora. They also have a la carte food and a ton of sweets. In the back of Larry's Produce, next to the Washington Mutual at Nordhoff and Reseda near CSUN.

                Darband is a formal Iranian place at Ventura and Tampa, beautifully decorated, good service. They have plenty of meat on the menu but at least a half dozen vegetarian items. It is not expensive - most dishes run between 8 and 15 dollars.

                Garden Wok is nice fresh Chinese in a tranquil setting. They have low prices and all of those fake meat things as well as vegetable dishes. On Reseda close to the 101.

                Woodlands in Chatsworth is amazing Indian food. Absolutely delicious and wonderful, especially the huge dosas (rice crepes) they serve. Not expensive, not fancy, but a real chow find.

                Vinh Loi is one of my favorite hole in the wall chow places. Vietnamese vegetarian. They don't speak much english but have a menu with pictures. Noodles, banh mi, all kinds of tofu, spring rolls with fake shrimp...and all really, really cheap. A big noodle bowl is $5. They also sell Vietnamese groceries and homemade soy milk. It is on Sherman between Tampa and Reseda. Just two or three tables, so plan on getting food to go.