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Apr 21, 2010 11:53 AM

Where to buy small disposable glasses for verrines

I am in search of small (2-3 oz) hard plastic glasses to serve verrines. I am bring an hors d'oeuvre to a party on Saturday and stumbled upon a delicious recipe for a layered smoked salmon and avacado verrine. I have been to a few party stores, but the cups they have are either too large or too small. I saw some online, but it is nuts to spend $25 (with expedited shipping) for 10 plastic cups.

Any ideas?

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  1. You will laugh but I found 4 packs of clear plastic shot glasses that were just over 2 oz at the dollar store I used for chilled soup, I would do a quick check there and a local restaurant supply store before paying the expedite cost.

    1. Seems like if you're going to spend $25, you could probably find something reusable at Ikea that would fit the bill. If you want plastic, check the kids department. I've found shot-glass sized clear plastic cups there.

      I don't where you're coming from, geographically, but I've found a great selection of catering-type needs at Fulton Paper near 202 and 95 in Wilmington (

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        Thanks for the ideas!

        I did think if IKEA, but I don't want the hostess to have to wash & return the glasses. Fulton Paper is a bit far, as I am in Collegeville and running out of time.

        1. re: jgottlob

          This is the kind of thing I was thinking about for the plastic from Ikea:

          If they aren't too small, I think they would work. You could let the hostess keep them, toss them, or take them home dirty. According to the website, the Conshohocken store has four packages. But, I'd call before I drove there if they would work.

      2. If South Philly is convenient, Dino's Party Center at 9th & Morris carries a full range of plastic cups and stemware.

        1. My first thought was also Fulton Paper.