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Apr 21, 2010 11:25 AM

Where to buy Thai ingredients in Westchester

I am looking for a market that sells Thai basil, Kaffir Lime leaves, Lemongrass, Thai chili, Thai eggplant, and other Thai food products in Westchester. I have tried the market in the basement of the DMV building in White Plains. It has a few things. Anyone know of another place? I have decided that I need to learn to make Thai food since I am not thrilled with the Thai restaurants close to my home. Thanks.

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  1. While I can't vouch for what it has or if it is even still there, I do recall seeing a Thai market on the north bound side of Central Avenue somewhere between the Cross County shopping center and the race track.

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      New Golden Village supermarket in Hartsdale has many selections, but I don't know their inventory of Thai products.

      If Middle Eastern products are at all similar to Thai, Yaranush Middle Eastern Gourmet in White Plains is an excellent store.

      1. re: anonymouse1935

        Golden Village has a very good variety of Thai curry pastes, sauces, and soups. They also have jaopanese eggplant and lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves and thai eggplants occasionally. Kam Seh in the White Plains mall in the basement has thai eggplant and japanese eggplant on a regular basis. Between those two i can get the ingredients to make any thai dish. Both are great stores to get asian ingredients.

        Golden Village
        365 Central Park Ave Ste 6, Scarsdale, NY 10583

    2. Slim pickings in Westchester -- part of the general dearth of SE Asian offerings. Best bet may be the new Fairway (haven't verified) or hopping the bridge to Queens.

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        Thanks for the replies. I found the following list of Thai markets or markets that carry Thai products on this website: None are in Westchester. But I am looking forward to trying Fairway and the other 2 suggested.

        Bangkok Center Grocery
        102 Mosco St.
        China Town, NY 10013
        (212) 349-1979

        Neighborhood Oriental Market
        229 East Kingsbridge Road
        The Bronx, NY

        Battambang Market
        2654 Valentine Ave
        The Bronx, NY

        Vasinee Food
        333 North Henry St.
        Brooklyn, NY 11222
        (718) 349-6911

        Bangkok Food Market
        64-11 39th Ave.
        Woodside, NY 11373
        (718) 458-3685

      2. Try Kam Seh in White Plains (in the DMV building ) They have everything!!!

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        1. re: barbara0621

          Not correct. As the OP noted, their selection of Thai ingredients is quite limited.

          1. re: Reposado

            Kam seh has limited thai sauces and curries, but does have the veggies. Thai eggplants, the small round striped bitter ones, are very hard to find, but they usually have them and other hard to find produce. They also have a small aisle with indonesian/malaysian ingredients.

            1. re: JMF

              Yes and no. For example, in my experience, they do have the tiny eggplants and galangal most of the time and lemongrass and bird chiles about half the time, but I don't think I have ever seen lime leaves or Thai basil there. Not a criticism of the store -- it's great -- but it's a Chinese not Thai grocery.

              1. re: Reposado

                I was there yesterday and they have improved their Thai ingredients and produce. they had kaffir lime leaves and thai basil. Also they have a Philippines and Malaysia aisle now.

        2. Try thai grocery in maywood jersey... Only Thais.