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Apr 21, 2010 11:18 AM

Der Spiegel article on the threatened Mosel Bridge

A good overview and a cool (if probably ineffectual) idea for a protest wine tasting.

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  1. Jancis Robinson MW had a quick first person account of the protest at the Chinese restaurant in Berlin on her blog,
    It was good to hear that the Mosel VDP has FINALLY decided to take a stand.

    Then a few days later, she reported that the German media had a flurry of articles,
    So, the protest and press conference did stir up some significant coverage.

    The next day the national VDP, representing Germany's top wine estates, came out with a press release against building of the bridge,
    Here's the English language reporting on the announcement,

    I'm not able to make out much of the German coverage, but this one in English from Deutsche Welle seems quite sympathetic.,,...

    Personally, reading about Hugh Johnson, Stuart Piggott, and Jancis Robinson leading the "International Riesling Rescue" efforts, I've been fired up over the issue. I turned my birthday party (at Hakka, a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco) into a Mosel riesling rally and I'll try to post tasting notes soon. And, a paper petition from California wine lovers will be presented to the German Consulate in San Francisco.

    The number of people signing the online petition to the Bundestag (German parliament) has grown by nearly 2,000 since the protest in Berlin. While the Germans need to carry this cause themselves, I'll point out that anyone can sign the petition by registering. This isn't limited to Germans and the winemakers are begging for support from abroad to help them be heard by the Bundestag. It's still a long way from the goal of 10,000 signers by May 11.

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      Thanks for the update Melanie. BTW, Happy Birthday!
      I'll keep poking away at people evey chance I get.
      Save the Mosel!