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Apr 21, 2010 10:51 AM

Best corned beef hash

I saw an episode of the best thing I ever ate on the food channel and Michael Symon talked about a little dive in Cleveland that makes great corned beef hash. He said they used corned beef slices and chopped them up. I love corned beef hash out of the can and I can only imagine how good it would be made from scratch. Anyone know of such a place in the twin cities?

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    1. Yes, if on Cleveland, Symon mean Cecil's.

      However... the best corned beef hash I've had in the Twin Cities is at Grand Cafe. Large cubes of corned beef, ditto the potatoes. Didn't know what to make of mustard in the dish at first, so I had that on the side, where it was a great "dipping sauce."

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        Cleveland the city, not the street. Michael Symon wouldn't waste his time in a place like Cecil's.

        1. re: MSPD

          i did not mean to imply cecil's is in cleveland although it is on cleveland. i did not mean to say it was on the televison. i just liked the the hash. i had it last week. i guess i was wasting my time there with or without Symon. i have been to cleveland (not the street) it was a pleasant stay... i did not eat hash.

          1. re: zfwp

            zfwp--what did you like about the hash at Cecil's? Do you know if they make theirs from scratch? (P.S. I am not a deli purist, so, feel free to speak openly.) I wish Cecil's had windows.


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              when discussing hash values, hash codes, hash sums, and hash functions in general the attempt to convert a large quantity of data into a smaller summation is presupposed. in discussing hash the reverse is true, when converting a small quantity of inputs onto a large plate we are often find ourselves dependent not on variety but rather on potatoes. and they where pretty good.

                1. re: zfwp

                  Wow...Never knew there were so many closet Hashers out there. Keep the recommendations coming. Also...In my view it is only proper hash with two eggs, sunny side up or over easy.

              1. re: zfwp

                I'm confused...I'm only looking for hash in Minneapolis not Cleveland. Although I'm sure I would track down Symon's recommendation after eating at Lola's If I was ever in Cleveland.

                1. re: kriminalrat

                  Cecils is in St. Paul, ON Cleveland Ave.


                2. re: zfwp

                  Don't worry...I was responding to Brad, not you. I haven't had the hash at Cecil's, nor will I. But that's neither here nor there.

                  The last few times this topic was discussed here, the Local, Grand Cafe, Hell's Kitchen and Bryant Lake Bowl (bison hash) were mentioned as well as McGarry's Pub in Maple Plain. Several others were mentioned but have closed including the Spur Cafe in Savage which used to have excellent, scratch-made corned beef hash. Hope that helps.

                  1. re: MSPD

                    I was hoping you were referring to the windmill cafe in Savage. I've always wanted to check the place out being that it is a pure breakfast joint. Has anyone been there and had there hash?

                    1. re: MSPD


                      Do you have a link for the hash discussions. I did a search and couldn't find anything. Thanks.

                3. re: Brad Ballinger

                  I second Grand Cafe. Really tasty hash.

                4. Meritage has corned beef hash on their brunch menu.

                  410 Saint Peter St, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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                  1. re: ssioff

                    Al's has amazing hash; he corns his own, and it's always wonderfully crispy.

                    Al's Breakfast
                    413 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

                  2. Al's without a doubt. Pretty sure it's the only place that can boast it's won the highest award in cooking for their CBH

                    1. Hell's Kitchen serves a VERY GOOD version of CBH. Then one can also get a caramel pecan roll with whipped butter, the hot cocoa that is more note-worthy than the 'virginity restoring' coffee, and the OMG peanut butter. I try to do this only every other month as it's enough calories for two-three days.

                      This IS worth it!!

                      Hell's Kitchen
                      89 S 10th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403