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Apr 21, 2010 10:22 AM

Etxebarri: Best day/time to go?

I want to visit Etxebarri when the dining room is full and has energy. Many pictures I've seen on the web show a dining room with only one or two tables occupied. My general experience is that this makes for a rather depressing meal (no matter how good the food is).

I have a reso for dinner on Saturday at 10pm. I know the Spanish eat dinner very late compared to many other countries. But I also know the Spanish eat their big meal of day in the afternoon. Will the place be happening or more of a snooze?

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  1. Just posted on here about our meal- didn't realize they do dinner... And personally I wouldn't go for dinner because the scenery just can't be appreciated at night. It's gorgeous and in the middle of nowhere, and I wouldn't want to drive that at night.
    Lunch was phenomenal. We sat amongst 6+ other full tables... I wasn't checking out how full the restaurant was/wasn't although I'm sure they could have put an extra table or so. It was really, really enjoyable. It's not a "happening" place like NYC or Paris mainly because it's in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy.

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        dinner only Saturday, but the drive well not be fun at night and the scenery is important to the experience IMO.

      2. totally agree that lunch is best to enjoy the scenery. also, we had a little trouble finding the restaurant even in the daytime. the dining room is light and airy--could not ever be depressing. when we visited last spring, there were a few other parties literally from all corners of the earth. there were also a couple locals who were eating a la carte--not the several course tasting.