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Apr 21, 2010 10:16 AM

favorite ravioi fillings

some of my favorites are butternut squash mixed with mascarpone, spinach, ricotta, and grana padano, and artichoke. what are yours? Veg. only please. And do you think it would be possible to somehow put burrata in a ravioli? Oh my god, heaven.

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  1. Swiss chard and ricotta, parmesan, in a spicy tomato sauce. Walnuts or hazelnuts are nice in the filling also.
    I've made these with golden raisins also, and just used a little warm oil olive and balsamic for the dressing, no tomato.

    1. I would think a mushroom duxelle would be a good filling.

      1. I don't think you want to cook burrata. It would ruin it's delicate flavor and texture.

        And since I just re-read your post, I'm not telling what my fave filling to eat is, since it's not vegetarian. I can't even come up with a vegetarian filling that would come anywhere close to it anyway.

        1. peas ricotta raisins and a bit of fennel & chopped chives, with a browned butter sage sauce

          1. Is there some place to buy vegetarian burrata (I live in L.A.)? I was soooo happy when I found out that Trader Joe's has vegetarian Gorgonzola. [drool. yum.]

            I am now motivated to try the filling you mentioned in your OP. Any directions as to how to cook and/or prepare those ingredients?

            I used to make an amazing pumpkin filling (I added ricotta, toasted pumpkin seeds that I had slightly crushed in a morter) and fresh nutmeg. Salt and pepper optional.) that all my friends loved. I'd just top the ravioli with a nice EVOO flavored with a hint of garlic. Slight bit of parm cheese on top right before serving.

            (It's not even 8:00 a.m., and now I am already hungry for hot Italian food. Darn you and your delicious-sounding post!) :-)

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              Never saw any, but seriously, if it has to be Vegetarian, it's not CHEESE.