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Apr 21, 2010 09:37 AM

ISO Hebrew National (or other Kosher-style) salami

I went out to buy a Hebrew National salami, which I've never thought of as a particularly hard-to-find item, but I've been stymied. Shaw's, which I know used to carry them, has nothing even close. Nor does Johnny's Foodmaster or even Savenor's. I also hit Fresh Pond Market and Trader Joe's in Cambridge, nada. I turned to the Hebrew National website and they have a store locator which tells me there's no HN salami within 30 miles of Boston. A friend tells me that he bought one at what he calls "the Israeli grocery'' on Harvard Street. I'll cross the river if I have to, but really, when did kosher salami turn into an exotic specialty food?

Trader Joe's
1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

Fresh Pond Market
360 Huron Ave, B Cambridge, MA

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  1. Hmm.. I've seen them in Stop & Shop in the same area as the hot dogs. Also if you have a Costco membership they carry the large deli type which you often see hanging up on a string to dry ;)

    The Israeli grocery is the Butcherie on Harvard Street in Brookline- great source for all kinds of great deli and Kosher groceries/specialties. They also have lots of imported Israeli products. I don't believe that they carry Hebrew National, but offer several other excellent alternatives.

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      I've seen it in Stop & Shop, couldn't say how recently. I thought that -- or some kind of kosher salami -- was a supermarket deli staple.

      1. re: scratchie

        You would think it's a supermarket staple, but apparently not anymore. I'm heading to Stop and Shop today with my fingers crossed. Thanks for the tips, ccramer. Yes, I do recall seeing it in Costco, but as you noted, it's the giant sized salamis and I'd like to get one of the normal sized ones -- though if I can't get anything else I might have to buy the big guys and start a salami share program.

      2. re: ccramer

        I'm pretty sure The Butcherie carries some Hebrew National products, not sure about salami. And I'm quite sure the Star Market at Packard's Corner has it, I've bought it there, both the small ones in the kosher aisle and large sliced-to-order at the deli counter. Hebrew National bologna too. And once in a while they even have the big 1/4 lb "dinner franks."

        Having said that - they have been woefully understocked on all sorts of meat products lately due to some kind of trucker's strike that's been going on for at least a month, so it might be best to call first.

        1. re: BobB

          Partial success. I found Hebrew National Lean Salami at Stop & Shop (the one on Pleasant St. in Watertown). I haven't tried it yet, but the Lean variety is not really what I wanted -- I'm sure it won't be as tasty as the full fat variety, but I figured I'd give it a try. It appears as if salami -- or at least the lean variety -- is not a big seller. They had about 10 of them, all with a sell-by date of 4/30.
          They also had Hebrew National bologna and of the full fat variety (23 % of your daily fat allowance per serving, according to the label; as opposed to a mere 8 % for the lean salami). I'm not a big bologna guy, but I was tempted. When I'm eating deli meat, cutting back on fat is the last thing on my mind.

          1. re: katzzz

            the butcherie carries hebrew national and also a variety of other kosher salamis, including aged dry. it is worth a visit and the meat is reliable.