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Apr 21, 2010 09:37 AM

1st time to Miami - spending a few hours - looking for a simple but delicious meal

I will be driving though Miami the evening of May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!) with a girlfriend and we want to stop somewhere for a really delicious meal. I know there'll probably be lots of celebrations for the Mexican holiday but I am looking more for Cuban fare. I would love something as cliche as the "best Cuban and Mojito in Miami" or just good simple Cuban food. Nothing expensive (under $20 for entree, not including drinks). Also, as it's my first time there, if you can suggest a place in a neighborhood that an out-of-towner will enjoy that would be nice, but not a requirement. We'll probably drive around the city for a bit too, so any places of interest are welcome too! Thanks!

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  1. does anyone have any suggestions?

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      I'm new to this board myself, and can't offer a lot of specfic suggestions, but it will help if you can pinpoint your area of interest, e.g. downtown, south beach etc. Miami is not really known for Mexican food. You may find these other threads have some useful info:

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        I don't have a particular area of interest. As I've never been I was hoping for some suggestions of neighborhoods worth checking out - if only to drive through. Thanks!

    2. This is not a difficult decision. If you are looking for authentic cuban cuisine there is only one place to go. There are many cuban eateris mind you depending on where in Miami you are, but the best and most authentic in taste and vibe is Versailles Cafe at 3555 SW 8th Street Miami. This is a very humble place but the food is as authetnic cuban as you can get...and I know, I'm a cuban me...and it happens to be the best Cuban Steak Sandwich this side of Havana...good luck...

      Versailles Restaurant
      3555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135