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Apr 21, 2010 09:31 AM

Homemade Pastis Recipe?

Having lived in Provence I'm a big pastis drinker. I'm partial to 51 although I also love Henri Bardouin. I remember a while back seeing a recipe for homemade pastis but can't find it now. It was a simple infusion of herbs similar to making limoncello, which I made last summer along with a mock gin using the infusion method.

Has anyone here made homemade pastis or does anyone have a recipe? I think this would be great to have around this summer.


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  1. You'll find a few if you Google, but I was under the impression that pastis, just like other anise-flavored liquors, is flavored via distillation, not maceration. So unless you have a still handy it seems unlikely that you're going to be very happy with the results... I also like the Henri Bardouin--very smooth, tasty stuff.

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      Thanks for the reply davis. I saw a couple when I googled but they didn't sound that great; but there was one that I found about a year ago online that now I can't find anymore.

      I thought that absinthe was distilled and pastis macerated, but I could certainly be wrong. Anyone else?

    2. Aniseed
      lemon balm
      Those are main ingredients
      minute parts:
      angeica root
      infuse with grappa or orujo (left over grape parts)

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        I make my own with fairly similar ingredients and it turns out delicious.

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          Striper, do you happen to have an approximation of proportions of those ingredients for your recipe?

          Also, with the price and finder's fee of getting some of those more exotic spices, do you think it's worth it?

          My biggest issue with finding pastis around is that the common ones (pernod, ricard, etc) are too sweet for my tastes and the herbes 1-dimensional. HB I find a little more subtle in sweetness and much more complex. Problem is it can be difficult to find and the last bottle I bought (after I got it home and tasted it), tasted like it had been sitting for a while on the shelves.

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            Gosh I really just wing it. Every batch I make is different. I am sure there are good recipes out there on the internet.

            I am lucky enough to have this place nearby that has all of this stuff available retail:


            Good luck.

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              A couple of other questions: Do you usually use everclear or 100 proof vodka? Do you then dilute down with water and add simple syrup as the sweetener or use sugar during the maceration process? Also does your final product louche?

              I am in the boston area, so a trip to Salem on a weekend wouldn't be bad for a project like this. Thanks for the rec.

              Thanks Vbutterfly, those recipes definitely give me something to shoot for.

              1. re: Klunco

                I use everclear (RI, NH, CT) or Marty's in Newton had a very high proof vodka whose name eludes me.

                If you add wormwood, which witches weeds has, bot VERY light on it. Without distillation, the wormwood will make things VERY bitter.

                Mine doe in fact louche.

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                  No problem. Let me know how it turns out and maybe write down your recepie and I can try it. My husband loves pastis.

        2. I've always figured that you can dilute the impression of the American (or British) tourist in a French bar by ordering pastis (I usually ask for Ricard). It's cheap, tastes good and you can order it in French and they will actually smile and answer in French.


            I heard it was just like absinth but with out the wormwood. Hope this site helps.

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              The lowest-end rural way to do pastis in France I heard of is take eau de vie and add in a little bottle of extract that you buy perhaps from the mobile distiller who made your grapes into the eau de vie. gets price down to Yes. Mobile distiller. Do they still exist? One of the armagnac makers started out as a traveling still. Perhaps this is available in France.

            2. I have some wormwood purchased from a reputable homebrewing house. Can you tell me what effect it will have on a pastis recipe?