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Apr 21, 2010 09:15 AM

Restaurant for 18 year old bday

I need a fun, lively, entertaining restaurant for an 18 year old birthday dinner in Downtown SD or surrounding areas. One of her favorite restaurants for the atmosphere is Hard Rock but any type of food is an option. I'm looking for something interesting.

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  1. Quarter Kitchen, Cowboy Star

    1. I'll second Honkman's rec of Quarter Kitchen. My next door neighbor's ex boyfriend works for The Palms hotel in Las Vegas and is in charge of looking after their high profile clientel. Quarter Kitchen is where he takes San Diego based whales to make them feel special. It has a high energy, electric vibe. QK has its haters on this board, who feel the food does not match the prices. While this may be true at some level (I don't agree, but thats just me), the experience of dining there will be something your daughter will not soon forget. I reviewed QK a while back and took lots of photos. You can check it out if you are interested.
      P.S. Honkman, your rec of QK pleasantly suprised me.

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      1. re: Captain Jack

        I think QK has changed chefs at least a few times since your initial review, which may partially explain some of the negative views here. I myself haven't been there in nearly 2 years, so I don't know if the food quality has changed since it initially opened.

        1. re: hye

          Good point hye. After your post I hopped over to check out QK's menu and found several of their core signature dishes intact. I too have not been back recently, so the OP should keep that in mind.

        2. re: Captain Jack

          Yeah, I also think the changes of chefs has caused mixed reviews, I know the times I have been there it has been sub-par, overpriced and the antithesis of a "high energy, electric vibe".

          "My next door neighbor's ex boyfriend"

          Is this the stripper neighbor again?

          1. re: stevewag23

            "Is this the stripper neighbor again?"

            Yes, she "dances" under the name Barbie (like the over-proprortioned Mattel doll) at the Spearment Rhino.

            sw23, I know all to well your dislike of QK and surely do not want to light that fuse again. My point is that for better or worse, QK has a Las Vegas style, splurgey feel, that an 18 year old girl might find exciting. The ex bf I mentioned (Vegas connection), likes the fact that his whales think they are being treated to something privileged when he comps them there. Let's not argue about it, how about a better recomendation? What about JRDN?

        3. What is your budget and how many people are you looking to entertain?