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Apr 21, 2010 08:52 AM

Need advice on Lemonade in London

Hi folks,

I'm a recent arrival in London and am hosting a party soon that will involve Pimms cups.

I'm sorted on sourcing good fruit and herbs, but as the only other ingredient besides Pimms is lemonade, I don't want to let my cocktails down with Sprite.

I'm rather hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a great quality lemonade to complete my cups.

Many thanks

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  1. Making your own isn't hard at all. I'm sure one of the posh supermarkets probably has some good stuff, or sells Fentimans. Wild Caper/Franco Manca make excellent lemonade also. Would be interested to hear the suggestions of others.

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    1. re: skut

      Pimms needs the clear carbonated stuff skutty, not the lovely real thing, which would taste very odd in Pimms, I think.

      R. Whites has always been standard issue in the UK, but I doubt if anyone could tell if supermarket own brand was used. FWIW for Pimms I cut my lemonade with about 25% tonic water to pull back the sweetness a little.

      1. re: Robin Joy

        cheers guys, I guess I should sheepishly admit I'm not much of a pimms man.

    2. For Pimms you just need bog standard supermarket lemonade and it should be fizzy. Go to Waitrose if you want to be posh.

      1. This may be sacrilege to some...but I find Pimms with Lemonade far too sweet so I usually use low-sugar Ginger Ale or even Ginger Beer. I find it gives the Pimms a little kick and complements the mint.

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        1. Thanks so much folks. It's my first time making Pimms cups, so I really appreciate the help.

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          1. re: Samuelinthekitchen

            One other suggestion - I too hate lemonade in Pimms - try tonic water (NOT slimline), it's fab and tastes much more grown up!

            1. re: Theresa

              Or champagne if you're a serious drinker.

              1. re: nanette

                ......and come from Essex.

                But, seriously, "Pimms Royale"(?) is a truly horrible drink. Also, for the £/bottle equivalent (say about £25) you are getting into proper white Burgundy territory, a far superior tipple.

                Hey, just my opinion!

                1. re: Robin Joy

                  Robin, that is a new one on me. How much white Burgundy do you mix with the Pimms? Is Premier Cru OK or does it need to be Grand? And so you vary the fruit/herbs when you use Burgundy?

                  1. re: Robin Joy

                    nothing wrong with Essex... I usually go with Prosecco.