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Apr 21, 2010 08:45 AM

Late afternoon drinks near Penn Station

Does anyone know a good place to get drinks somewhere near Penn Station? I'm from out of town, hoping to meet some ppl for drinks late afternoon on a Friday, before taking the train down to NJ.

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  1. The brand new Empire Room in the Empire State Building is perhaps the most beautiful bar in town.

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    1. re: Will4Food

      Will4Food, this is a good suggestion since I need to find a place for drinks after the theatre. We have first timers coming in and only 2 days to show them some highlights of the city. Have you been on a Saturday night?

      I'm also thinking TWC (view) or Keen's (lots of history/only in NYC . . . pgwiz1 Keens is close to Penn). We will be having an early dinner at Victor's so we might want a late night snack or dessert . . .

    2. Some place around Grand Central would be fine as well!

      1. Local 33 outside Penn Station has a roof top deck that would be great this time of year. It is right across the street from Penn

        1. Rattle N' Humm if you like beer

          1. Sorry for the late reply, but if the issue is still open, consider Nick and Stef's in the Penn Station building (2 minutes to your train); entrance on 33rd street near 8th Avenue; very good staff and drinks and bar menu. Can be $$. Right across 8th Avenue, you'll find Tir Na Nog, a picture book Irish pub (5 min to train).

            Tir Na Nog
            5 Penn Plz, New York, NY 10001