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Apr 21, 2010 08:20 AM

loop pre theatre

Seeking advice on the AYCE bar buffet at Trattoria No 10...seems as though it could be an ideal pre-theatre light the food good and does the bar get crazy busy?

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  1. Stackm,

    The food is excellent and depending on the day, you may get more than a light meal. The restaurant is downstairs and the bar takes a fraction of the space. There are tables as well as the bar itself.

    We normally hit No. 10 for our pre-theatre meals, just not the buffet.

    Happy Eating

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    1. re: Nancy11001

      The buffet really doesn't do the restaurant justice. It's probably a good value for the money, but the selection is limited, and the bar, depending on where you're sitting, can be uncomfortable. I would recommend a pre-theater sit-down there, rather than making do with the buffet.

      1. re: jbw

        thank you...this helps...trying to keep cost down, but we may splurge on a real meal

        1. re: stackm

          There are additional places worth considering for pre-theater dining. I recently had a wonderful dinner at Vivere, the finer dining restaurant in the Italian Village complex on Monroe. Their Italian cuisine is superb and they also have offerings along the lines of "contemporary global cuisine"; my recent meal consisted of a wonderful cream of carrot soup and a duck breast that was amazingly tender and reminded me of the wagyu beef at Alinea. Also worth considering is Atwood Cafe for contemporary American cuisine in the Hotel Burnham. And if you decide to go high-end (and you're dressed accordingly, i.e. jackets for gentlemen), one of the biggest bargains in town is the 3-course $50 pre-theater menu at Everest.