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Help! Going to Atlantic City, NJ

baymom Apr 21, 2010 08:15 AM

I have 3 nights in Atlantic City with my husband. What are some local, do not miss restaurants? I'm not big on chain restaurants and not looking for sandwich shops. Would love to hear ideas.

  1. Foody4life Apr 21, 2010 08:54 AM

    Our favorites are Dock's Oyster House in town, for seafood, Bobby Flay's at Borgata for steaks and Wolfgang Pucks at Borgata for dining at the bar.

    Here's a couple recent threads to get you started:



    Dock's Oyster House
    2405 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

    1. f
      foodismylife Apr 21, 2010 09:36 AM

      Tony's Baltimore Grill for old school AC southern italain but most of for great pizza in an wooden booth type setting
      do not miss this great food and easy prices and definitely a local type of place

      Tony's Baltimore Grill
      2800 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

      1. b
        baymom Apr 21, 2010 12:23 PM

        Thanks for the ideas. They are great. No one mentions Knife and Fork Inn. What do you think about this place?

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        1. re: baymom
          Foody4life Apr 21, 2010 12:48 PM

          We haven't dined there, but it receives mostly good reviews here. Our steak experience in AC has been at Bobby Flays, Old Homestead, Palm, Mortons and Chelsea Prime - listed in order of our preference.

          Here's a recent thread that has a lot of discussion on the Knife & Fork.


        2. MGZ Apr 21, 2010 01:04 PM

          Best food I've ever had in AC was at Little Saigon. There is some discussion in the following thread:


          Little Saigon Restaurant
          2801 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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          1. re: MGZ
            Bossa_Nova Apr 21, 2010 03:57 PM

            +1 for Little Saigon, Call ahead for a table if you're going for dinner on a weekend.

            Little Saigon Restaurant
            2801 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

          2. s
            saeyedoc Apr 21, 2010 02:21 PM

            I know you asked for no sandwich spots, but if you haven't been, you should go to White House for hoagies, you can't get bread like that anywhere else (well maybe in Margate).

            1. Quine Apr 21, 2010 06:30 PM

              OK a little chiding: this topic is sorta done to death, about every 6 months or so. White House is NOT a sandwich shop. It IS a Atlantic City institution. Miss it at your regret.
              Little Saigon is alot amazing.

              As a Life Long AC visitor...Hey anyone recall The REAL Steel Pier? The Diving Horse? I am a Lifelong NJ Shore resident. AC was a dive, before Casinos revived it. Sorry, People went to places they recalled as "great" from honeymoons of '30's, '40's
              50's.even 60's.
              Casinos brought in business and revived food. So yeah some places will be now, Old or new places that are located in casinos.

              I personally besides dining at Little Saigon; and WhiteHouse. eat at Borgata. The Buffet is great. The "chains" are great. I had an AMAZING dinner at Sea Blue...others called it different.
              Just saying, it is a City that reinvented itself.

              Little Saigon Restaurant
              2801 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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              1. re: Quine
                saeyedoc Apr 22, 2010 07:28 AM

                Yes, I remember going there as a child in the pre-casino days (I'm 49 now). I also spend many summers there in the late 70's and 80's when I was in college and med school, mostly in Ventnor and Margate. Nothing like a combo from Lenny's at 4 am after the bars closed. Or 5/$1 beers at Kelly's.
                I live in San Antonio now, but would not go down the shore now without a trip to The White House.

              2. f
                foodislove1958 Apr 23, 2010 08:58 AM

                Well I like OPA which is greek and on the boardwalk. For Italian Girasole is really very good. Rustic foods in a fine dining atmosphere. Litttle Saigon cant be missed as well, but I like going there for lunch. Much less crowded and the owners are so happy to indulge you in specials as opposed to when the place is cranking out the dinner entrees. Also usally fits my budget on the way outta this town! I would reccomend one of the larger hotel restaurants, The Old Homestead at the Borgata is a pricy yet indulging experience!

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                1. re: foodislove1958
                  baymom Apr 24, 2010 06:37 AM

                  One of the restaurants we chose was Knife and Fork. Is jacket and tie required for my husband?

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