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Apr 21, 2010 08:10 AM


It's shad season! Where are some good places to eat it besides the Oyster House? I used to go to the Oyster House in its previous incarnation. I try to avoid the New Oyster House (crowded, expensive) so looking for some other options. Anyone have any ideas? I know about Shadfest but looking for a sit down meal.

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  1. I think Johnny Brenda's serves it around this time of year... or maybe just the roe?

    1. Johnny Brendas would be my choice. I believe they helped organize Shad fest and serve it in all it's glorious incarnations.

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      1. re: Nigeltab

        Well New Hope/Lambertville's Shad Fest is this weekend (April 24-25)... to be honest though, I am not sure who serves Shad up there.

      2. I was surprised to see shad roe at my local Genuardi's in Flourttown last night.

        1. Reading Terminal Market had both whole buck and roe shad. Sell for $3/$4 a pound for a 3 or 4 lb fish.Cook it yourself once, you will never go back to the boned fillets that are infinitely older than the whole fresh fish. Yes the bones are a pain, but think of it as a steamed crab meal, more time to get to the meat, but better than the meat alone .

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            YO....that just sparked a flashback to my childhood and my parents love of shad and shad roe.
            I recall them wrapping a whole fish tightly in heavy foil with butter and onions and slow baking at low heat for several hours. The fine rib bones practically dissolved and you could eat the whole thing (except the backbone). I'd love to experiment with that method again. However, a filet and roe set wrapped in bacon, broiled and finished with lemon butter and parsley is a close second. Thanks for that memory!

          2. I had a very nice special of Shad fillet with a smoked scallop vinaigrette topping last week at Friday Saturday Sunday.