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Apr 21, 2010 06:56 AM

In the neighborhood of 202 and Valley Forge Rd

A friend and I are looking for a "central" spot to meet for dinner. I'm in Upper Gwynedd, He's in West Chester. I thought something just west of KOP might be a good location if we could find a place with good food and a quite atmosphere. Any locals in that area have suggestions on a place that might fit for us?

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  1. In the past, I have been to Creed's and enjoyed it. It has also been recommended by others on CH. It is near the Radisson Hotel.

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      KABAB is in the Gateway Shopping Center (right off of 202). It's not much for atmosphere, but it has tasty Middle Eastern food.

      Also in Gateway Shopping Center is A TASTE OF INDIA. Very good Indian food, typical Indian restaurant atmosphere.

      SEASONS 52 just opened outside the KOP mall. It's a chain, but I've heard good things and am going there tomorrow.

      SHANGRI-LA is a Pan Asian restaurant with sushi and lots more on Swedesford Road (right off 202).

      Would love to hear what you end up trying.

    2. I'm not that familiar with the area but Restaurant Alba in Malvern is between you two and is pretty good.

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        Their food is pretty wonderful, actually. Nice pick, especially if upscale is what you're after.

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          Second Alba, Wasn't blown away by Seasons 52. It was another chain place, not bad, but nothing distinguished.

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            I third Alba, but it can be tricky getting a reservation. Seasons 52, now that I've tried it, is exactly what was said above - chain, not bad, nothing distinguished.

        2. Creeds is very good (right off 422), but it's more upscale. What type of food are you looking for? What kind of prices?
          In that exact area (it's been a while for me) but there's Charlie Browns, it's like a Houlihan's. Down on rt 30 there are plenty of more places to choose from.

          Charlie Brown's
          11 Kettle Creek Rd, Toms River, NJ 08753

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            We prefer not to go to a chain. And Indian food is probably not a good recommendation.

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              Bucksguy (shouldnt you change your name to MontcoGuy now ;-) ) I work very close to there, and it is a hard area to find good food. You have some better choices over in Conshohocken which wouldn't be that much further than 422 and 202. Kabab house mentioned above is a nice place for lunch, I wouldn't go there for dinner. Creeds is definitely upscale, and has a great wine list.

              In Conshy you have on the low end Baggataway. Great independently owned bar with creative burgers soups and sandwiches. Fayette St grill is another great choice there, and its a BYO.. so that could be fun as well. You also have Blackfish in Conshohocken to consider as well.

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                CW - been trying to figure out how to change my moniker for about a month. Can't come up with a good solution. I want to keep my threads with a new name,

              1. What about the General Warren in Malvern?

                1. The Winberie Restaurant and Bar is exactly at your address, right at the 202 ramp. It really has a nice atmosphere, quietish, upscale, a good size bar area, and a smallish outside patio. The food is not exceptional but they do a decent job. You can have a nice time there.
                  To get a really good "foodie" meal you'd have to a town center, Wayne or Phoenixville or Conshohoken.