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Apr 21, 2010 06:56 AM

Has Osteria fallen off?

Thinking of going for dinner. Went a year ago and it was awesome. Have heard mixed things the last couple months.

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  1. Been there several times over the past few months. Definitely has NOT fallen off. My dining experiences have been fantastic there recently.

    1. I was there about a month ago for the first time. The pizza and pasta were excellent. Rabbit entree was very disappointing. We also tried a tort of some kind for dessert which I didn't like too much. Server said it was a new item they were trying out for spring so could be improved now.

      I'd go back for sure but would keep the etree order simpler.

      I wish the menu was smaller here. Navigating the antipasti and pasta options was very overwhelming.

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        I'd recommend skipping entrees entirely and just getting pizza, antipasti, and pasta. And dessert (get the polenta budino next time).

      2. I was there two weeks ago and had a fantastic meal. The roast boar leg special was the single best restaurant dish I've had in at least a year. The only negative was that the boar was my husband's order and I only got a couple of bites (luckily, my food was very good too).

        1. Went last month and it remains amazing. Don't listen to the haters on yelp

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          1. re: AgentRed

            I went several weeks ago, and had the vongole and cockles pizza, whole sardines, and fusilli, fava beans and mint.

            The pizza crust was as good as ever, however, there was too much cheese, only four cockles on the pizza, and the chopped clams were cold to the touch. Had to ask for red pepper flakes to add to it to give it more balance. Was disappointed.

            Sardines were good and well presented.

            The fusilli with fava beans and mint was a dish I have had there before and this time there was too much sauce, It was also lacking in the lightness taste of spring, the mint balance was not there..

            The sour cherry torte was delightful, along with a caffe corretto, though they did not pour the grappa into the espresso at the table was they have other times.

            Is Osteria slipping? Perhaps, or perhaps it is simply a lack of attention to detail on a night that was not busy.