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Apr 21, 2010 05:52 AM

Sunday lunch in Scarborough

Help! Looking for a nice restaurant for a Sunday lunch in Scarborough where we can make reservations.

Hoping not to have to resort to a chain or any place where everything is fried.

Unfortunately Dim Sum will not work for this outing.

Appreciate suggestions......

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    1. Scarborough is pretty big -- are you looking for somewhere north or south, east or west?

      If I were going for lunch in Scarborough, I'd check out the Prague Restaurant especially if the weather was good -- they have a large patio overlooking a large park. I haven't made it there yet so can't comment on the food but it has had some positive comments on the board.

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        That would have been my recommendation, JamieK! Very good food, and what a beautiful location, especially for a good weather day. Unfortunately, my one visit was on a cold fall evening when it was too late to enjoy, but I would go just for the food, too!