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Apr 21, 2010 05:13 AM

What's up with Perl's kosher foods?

The place burned down at Lawrence and Bathurst, started to rebuild with a fancy plan posted outside and halted for months. Anyone know what's going on?

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  1. Strange, I thought it burnt down years ago up at the Promenade/Centre Street??

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    1. re: Helen

      That's the other location, the fire was at Lawrence and Bathurst. I've been wondering too, it looks like the construction site has not changed in a while.

        1. re: munchieHK

          NO!! the fire was at lawrence and bathurst. the one up north is fine. oy.

          1. re: ddelicious

            The one at the Promenade has been closed for quite awhile now - a former employee opened up her own kosher shop at that location and the feedback I've heard is that it's a high quality place.


      The beauty of the internet is goggling. They have a website and it says it is opening Fall 2010 which is probably a few years behind schedule.