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Apr 21, 2010 02:26 AM

dinner for 30 [London]

Hi guys - i need to arrange a dinner in London for 30 people. I have unlimited budget (as its a work thing). The area is not so important if the venue is correct. We are looking for something cool, unusual maybe. Nothing gimmicky or too flashy/trashy.
Ideas we have bounded about so far have been Hix, Petersham Nurseries, Boca Di Lupo, Petit Maison, St Johns. Any thing else I should be looking at?

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  1. the wapping project? it's pretty rad and i think they could accomodate that many ppl

    1. Motcombs has a couple of nice private rooms, but 30 could be a few too many:

      Poor response from London Hounds! Thinking caps on.

      Happy St. George's Day.

      1. How about Viajante ( Very new, very cool. Bound to be a destination. Bragging rights for being in the vanguard.

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          also v expensive and could they really fit in 30 ppl? place is pretty small

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            woops forgot abt unlimited budget!

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              How about the Anchor & Hope or Great Queen Street? I'm sure they'd accommodate you. They could serve huge sharing dishes which could be quite fun e.g. lamb for 10 etc. St. John held their staff do at the Anchor & Hope recently.

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              t-g - looks like it will easily fit 30, they have a private space as well but that only seems to do 20: "Viajante creates perfectly balanced tasting menus for up to 40 covers. Choose from between six, nine and twelve courses to experience the full range of chef Nuno Mendes’s dazzling cuisine."

          2. How about The Stafford in St James. They have a superb chef, Mark Budd, and a world class wine cellar and sommelier, Gino Narducci. They have room for your group and will do a bang-up, first class event.