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Apr 21, 2010 12:07 AM

Nantucket Nectars GUAVA flavor- anyone miss it?

It's been gone for a year and yet I can't find any info on it.

They have guava mixed in with other flavors in their juice/nectar lines, but the stand-alone guava drink- just Guava, not "Pineapple Orange Guava"- is no more, and has been no more for a while now.

I loved that flavor- in fact, it was the only Nantucket Nectar drink which I regularly purchased.

Am I the only one who's mystified as to why they discontinued it?

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  1. Yes, I miss it too. That was pretty much the only convenience-store type bottled beverage that I used to drink. (The other was Mystic grape-cranberry drink, which also disappeared a few years back.)

    Seeing as they would have to ship guava halfway round the world to produce it, it was probably purely economic - and better for the environment in the end.

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      Thing is- they still have "Guava" in their lineup- but as a combo drink instead of on its own. So they ARE getting it from wherever and they ARE using it, just not as a stand-alone flavor.

      I just don't get it- that was by far their best drink- and for me- like you- it was the only convenience-store-type drink that I ever actually consistently bought as well.

      It's not like it was healthy or anything, but it tasted damn good. I can't frickin' believe they stopped producing it.

      Why does everything I like always disappear?

    2. A few years back they used to make iced tea (not the lemonade half and half they still carry) and it was great! Of course, they stopped making that too. If they can sell a lemonade/iced tea mix, why not just the plain iced tea too???

      1. Try the Jumex and Goya brands of guava nectar. Both are good, and there are no limericks about them.