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Apr 20, 2010 10:35 PM

Vodka horror story

I was at my local liquor store tonight and pulled a medium bottle of what I thought was regular Absolut off the shelf.

Got home, put dinner on the stove, put some ice cubes in a glass, poured in a half-inch, added a bunch of tonic, sat down, took a sip - OMIGOD what is this??

I'd hadn't looked hard enough at the label and had bought Absolut Berri Acia - supposedly flavored with blueberry and pomegrante,,, it's disgusting! It's going down the drain tonight and I'm out $25

Has anyone else been exposed to this horror? Does anyone like it?

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  1. The reviews of it seem to like it, but then again, they knew what they were about to drink. Flavored vodka are generally compounded so they do have an artificial taste akin to flavored bottled waters. The major complaint I read about it was about how the Absolut Los Angeles was pretty much the same product. And that it makes for better mixed drinks than drunk straight, and I could see that flavor not working well with tonic.

    I would consider gifting it instead of wasting it, just don't send it my way.

    1. I'd like to give it a shot, but purely as a mixer (with something other than just tonic). I should be able to make some nice summery cocktails that my wife will enjoy.