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Madras Masala

  • mrbozo Apr 20, 2010 08:29 PM
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SW corner of Christie Pits.

Anyone been there recently? Favourite dishes? Anything to avoid?


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  1. The dosa are good...Marimba!

    1. definitely the dosas. i'm partial to the mysore masala dosa.

      also love the daha vada appetizer. lentil doughnuts covered in yogurt and tamarind.

      i take people there all the time.

      1. My girlfriend doesn't like their sambhar - they put some inauthentic ingredient-garlic or ginger in it apparently. I had their lamb xacutti last time.Pretty good.

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        1. re: garfield

          just checked:she takes issue with the coconut chutney being garlicky.

        2. : Thanks for the tips. We had a delicious meal: Chicken Xacutti, spinach and chickpeas and the dahi vada to start (which was a big hit - thanks missnomer).

          Has anyone tried their lunchtime thali?

          503 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1A5, CA

          1. Been there several times, everything I tried was a hit, especially the dosas.