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Apr 20, 2010 08:26 PM

Any good Restaurant suggestions near the Walnut St Theater?

Going to the Walnut St.Theater in Phila this Saturday and looking for suggestions of any kind of restaurant within walking distance of the theater. BYOB would be a plus. Thanks!

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  1. Lolita(BYOTequila for margarita's----or wine)
    Giorgio on Pine(a bit of walk, at 13th and Pine, but nice, simple italian BYO)
    Vintage(not byo)
    Caribou(not byo and hit or miss food-wise----mostly miss i think)

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    1. re: bonappetite

      and, Kanella (Cypriot), Mercato (Italian), Bindi (Indian fusion), Zavino (artisan pizza and pasta). All BYOB except Zavino which has a very affordable wine list.

      1. re: barryg

        Kanella would be my pick. It's one of the best BYOs in the city. Mercato is very good too. Zavino makes some excellent pasta dishes, the pizza (strangely) is not really the best reason to go there.

        1. re: Buckethead

          Another rec for Kanella, a big plus that they take reservations... if there are still reservations available for Saturday night. It was discussed on other threads that Mercato may take reservations for pre-theater.